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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Review from Jamilcarr about the Internet Marketing Workshop/Seminar of Jomar Hilario.

Here's another honest review about the recent Internet Marketing Workshop/Seminar I've conducted:

Truly Rich Internet Marketing Workshop
I will always remember March 27-28 2009 not only because the 27th is my wife's birthday but because I was blessed to attend Jomar Hilario's Truly Rich Internet Marketing Seminar.

Why is attending Truly Rich Internet Marketing Seminar important? Simply because what I learned can make me rich, not only financially but rich with people connections (I will tell you people connection in my next blog.

The presentation was great! I saw this Truly Rich Internet Marketing Seminar as the essence of Jomar's experience in years of Internet Marketing. He will only tell you what you need to know and some secrets on how to do it effectively. This is very important because you don't have to read between the lines or guess. This is like spoon feeding in a good way.

The visuals/tools needed for the Truly Rich Internet Marketing Seminar was awesome, we even have a projector that you can look at while following the steps not to mention the screen sharing on your own station. Thanks to Neenah her sister/assistant showing how it should be done while Jomar is guiding her. You will have one is to one computer station so it made the seminar looks more like step by step tutorial or seminar with hands on. This is something interesting again because I know people pay thousands and thousands to attend a seminar and rarely do we get this kind of hands on experience on the topic.

People, the range of attendees are unbelievable, as long as you know how to browse the internet, copy and paste you should be good. This is not entirely true, as long as you know how to browse the internet that should be enough, why? Cause Truly Internet Marketing Seminar will even painstakingly teach you how to copy, paste go to desktop using windows D, and other shortcut basics, so what I'm thinking is we should rename this to "Truly Rich Internet Marketing for Dummies". This is good cause this means that we will be able to help people in different walks of life.

The pace is excellent, you can tell Jomar to low down, repeat, you have facilitators to ask and it it's not enough you will have a soft copy that will be introduce to you as the BONUS folder, you can take it with you and read it all you want in your own pace until you get it. How's that sound?

The facility and location was very accessible and is not that hard to find. Although at first I was lost because on the Truly Rich Seminar details it said 2F, it took me 15 minutes to find it in the 3rd floor, anyway it was my fault cause I looked at the directory of the second floor but did not bother to check the other floors, so lesson learned. The venue is nice and cozy for most of the attendees, for me the air-conditioning is set a bit low, but then again don't quote me for this cause I work in a call center and I'm used to a cold working environment, nobody complained so I guess its just me.

The speaker is thorough and concise so that's good. He even cracked jokes that will keep you awake. For me the tips and secret revelation did the trick. The audio was clear and loud enough.

The chow was a feast for me, what I really expected is home cooking food on Styrofoam but then again I did not know Jomar Hilario then. Now I know.

I can already imagine that one day people will ask me, what am I doing, how did it do it, on being financially stable, I will always be excited to answer "It's a long story but it started March 27-28 2009 When I attended the 2 days Truly Rich Internet Marketing Seminar by Jomar Hilario"

Attending to this Truly Rich Internet Marketing Seminar Review was really quite an experience and a true blessing.

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