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Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Review from Gina about the Internet Marketing Workshop/Seminar of Jomar Hilario.

Here's another honest review about the recent Internet Marketing Workshop/Seminar I've conducted:

Hi Jomar,

Here's my feedback:

The Truly Rich Internet Marketing Workshop was a helpful, informative course that delivered what it promised: specific, do-able ways to earn through online marketing. The hands-on format - a PC for each participant, alloted time to personally go through the exercises - was ideal for me, a beginner to internet business, to start learning in a relatively relaxed and semi-private way.

I would especially like to commend Jomar who conducted the course in a professional and competent manner, while maintaining good (Pinoy) humor and an informal atmosphere. Jomar, you come across as a sincere person, open to sharing your knowledge, insights and even your way of life (e.g. the dreams/mission in life exercise).  I'm a Catholic, too, and was happy to note how you tried to inspire and weave in the divine even while we tackled the nitty-gritty of such topics as the Thank You Page. Thank you, may God bless you and may your tribe increase.

Other positives: skilled yet unobtrusive staff and admin support, good food, and convenient location.

Other remarks and suggestions:
1. I suggest that after every meal, the participants are encouraged to stand up, stretch their legs and move around for a minute or so. This can aid digestion (since we're sitting down for several hours straight) and help people to re-focus on the next topic.

2. Is there any special reason why the workshop ended at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, the last day? I felt there was some rushing in the discussion of the last two topics. Perhaps the course could be extended for another hour to include a 3-slide recap by Jomar of the workshop's highlights, tips on "best practice" (e.g. how previous participants got themselves started after the workshop) and an open forum.

Jomar, hope this is long enough :) and thanks for the freebies!


Gina Ledda

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