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Monday, April 27, 2009

8 Essential differences vs the Adult and Youth Hands On Workshops on Internet Marketing.

8 Essential differences between the Adult and Youth Hands On Workshops on Internet Marketing.

1. Day 1 for both Youth and Adults includes the Blogging for dollars topic and the promotion topic. These two are the only ones that are the same for both.

2. Day 2 for both is completely different, adults create sales pages and autoresponders. The Youth will create a multiply store that sells ebooks or physical items-and that actually works.  (Autoresponders cost money/needs a credit card to work, a multiply store is free.)

3. For the youth workshop, in between lessons are things that they can use to improve school work, research, do all kinds of cool and useful things with the internet, communicate with parents or others better. 

The goal is to make the kids better in using the 'net - on their way to become recognized as an expert in the internet/technology despite their age.

4. The adult workshop involves REPEATEDLY teaching basic things like Cut and Paste, Hilighting, Dragging, Using Notepad, registration. The youth consider these as basic things and these will only be discussed ONCE.

5. The pace of the youth workshop is faster.  It is assumed that when the word "facebook" is mentioned,  the participants have a good idea what is being talked about.

6. No business terminology will be used in the Youth workshop, but in the adult version, some business terms like "testimonials" are used. 

7. Many examples in the adult workshop will not be understood by the youth -as it's almost always about businesses. The youth workshop will feature examples based on the latest movies, tv, clothes, etc and popular internet teen celebrities.

8. Bottomline, the treatment of the youth workshop is all about "what's cool" and makes you money.  The adult workshop is all about "your dreams and what makes you money."

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