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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Here's what Carmi of Maxim said about Jomar

"Been receiving email tutorials from Jomar for free, and needless to say he has given me courage and interest to work from home, earn income via internet which what I really really want. For now I am too afraid to give up my work yet, but I am working towards my dream of working from home. Given the resources to attend one of his seminars, I will be more than willing to spend."

carmi irene cristobal

Monday, July 30, 2012

Here's what Dynne of Technoshop said about the JH Mastery Group

"Jomar Hilario helped me to dream for myself. Getting over all my fears & winning over the obstacles cause  by fear. Motivating us (& teaching us as well) through his webinar, & live seminars. He encourage us to believe in our dreams, focus on ourselves & on our goals. To earn more, have quality time with our family & give big."

Dynne Cervales
clerk/ IT personnel
Technoshop Phils. Inc.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Here's what Arlene said about Jomar

"He opened my eyes that everthing is possible...that great thing can be possible..a great motivator.."

Arlene Jimenez
Administrative Asst.
NXP Semiconductors

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Here's what Grace of LinkProfits said about Jomar

"I started becoming a VA on my own way back in 2005, and  when I was bound to stop I saw sir Jomar's success through one of Bo's articles. I wanted to be like him, earning at more and just at home, but later on I found that that it's not just the money that I wanted to have... it's how he has still time to teach people - strangers to do what he does and still have time for his family.

His passion and dedication alone to teaching others has contributed to what I do today. I work at home, I run my own charity with my friends, and I help people learn what i've learned. :) Sir Jomar is an inspiration to me."

Grace Ramores
Multimedia Artist/VA
LinkProfits - UmbrellaConsultancy

Friday, July 27, 2012

Here's what Joshua said about Jomar's VA Seminar and OMC

"I am now working full time as a web content writer, and the salary is comparable to my previous 'offline' job. Thanks to his tips and lessons. The VA seminar (which I downloaded for a fee) helped me to know what to expect from becoming a VA. Before, I just thought that those are just scams, but after watching the seminar, I became more confident and pushed through. When I realized that I can really do it, I quit my offline job and just after 30 days, I became a full time content writer. Yes I am now earning money from home. Instead of wasting my time inside the jeepney for commuting, I am now using that time to learn more and upgrade my skills. I am now immersing to the different books, audios, and videos Jomar has recommended through his email newsletter and OMC.

I am learning faster than ever before because I have more time to read and expand my knowledge. I am also a member of the OMC, and lately I have been applying the lessons, and truly, it works. It's very important to get the mindset and not just focus on the techie part. About the mindset, wow I am understanding a bit. The techie part is so easy to learn because Sir Jomar is already teaching those stuff in step by step and very easy to understand manner. Now I am getting targeted traffic to my websites. So far I am not a huge success, but I am sure that I am making improvements along the way.

I'll give an update when more breakthroughs are coming on, because it's just nonstop, everyday I am learning something new and the progress seems to go much faster because I have more time to learn and improve myself."

Joshua delos Reyes

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Here's what Nhemarlyn said about Jomar's VA Seminar

Because of Jomar I now aware of the many ways I can do with the internet. When ask in the office, I can always help them.

Nhemarlyn Fariolan

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Here's what Gemma of DepEd said about Jomar's VA Seminar

"I was able to share my knowledge to my students. But, I am still waiting for me to settle some issues before I could  fully launch myself officially as work at home mom to use what I have learned into practice . How I wish soon."

Department of Education  

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Here's what Ma Teresa of CHR said about Jomar's VA & Deep Internet Secrets Seminars

Help me to dream more not what i need but what i want. Feeding me up positively. Through his webinars I understand what good life is.  

Maria Teresa C. Dolor
Commission on Human Rights

Monday, July 23, 2012

Here's what Criselda of JMClerigo Law Office said about Jomar

"Jomar Hilario helped me to dream big."

criselda f. reyes reyes
Admin Assistant
JMClerigo Law Office

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Here's what Fausto of Al Salama said about Jomar's Marketing Insider

"Mr. Jomar seminars, articles in all forms help me to enhance my knowledge and enrich my ideas in a bussiness field and open the door for me for a brighter tomorrow.
Thanks a lot bro. keep up the good work and Godspeed."

Fausto B. Garduque
Al Salama Hospital

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Here's what Aileen said about Jomar

"Mr. Jomar, had given me a lot of ideas, inputs and knowledge about the in and outs of internet marketing.  Before I have no idea about what is Adsense is all about and other tips and tricks in the world wide web.  But by just following Mr. Jomars email series, I got to learn a lot of things which are usually not offered publicly, or if it is available, you need to research a lot in that topic.  By reading on his emails, blogs and so on, I got an idea and I am inspired to read more.  Because of him, I was encouraged to write blogs, and explore how to make money online.  Hopefully, I can also attend his seminar one of these days! Thanks a lot po, Mr. Jomar!"

Aileen Rufo Billones
Marketing Executive
Macina LLC

Friday, July 20, 2012

Here's what Jo Carlyn said about Jomar

"Help me to boost up my eagerness to be positive that everyone too can posses a better future."

Jo Carlyn Magsayo Ogabang
Accounting Clerk
Sipadan Mangrove Sdn Bhd

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Here's what Estelita of Las Palmas Tours & Travel said about Jomar

Honestly, at the moment I am lacking of time, chance and financial resources to be able to attend to one of Mr. Jomar Hilario's breakthrough seminar and I am also leaving and working here in Angeles City Pampanga which is quite far to His seminar venue. But, I still thank Mr. Jomar Hilario that, even if I don't know Him personally and by just subscribing to His website I am learning a lot from His e mails and free online recorded discussion on how to achieve a satisfying and financially rewarding career as a VA. With hard work, perseverance and trust in our Good Lord of course.I also would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Nikki, for her untiring effort in sending me emails from Mr. Jomar Hilario even if I have the chance to enroll to one of Mr. Hilario's seminar yet. God willing, by next year I will definitely find time and save some money to be able to attend to even one of Mr. Hilario's VA seminar I hope I am not late yet for that though.Again to Mr. Jomar Hilario, I wish you more power, more patience and may you always set your feet on the ground like who are NOW, even though  You are truly rich inside and out. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and time especially to your fellow Filipinos.Mabuhay ka Sir Jomar AND gOD BLESS YOU MORE PO!!!!

Santos, Estelita Silvestre
counter supervisor
Las Plmas Tours and Travel

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Here's what Melanie of E-Wha Foam said about the JH Mastery Group

"His selfless sharing of knowledge through emails as well as through the JH Mastery Group has made me realize the power of internet. I have attended one of his webinars and I found it really informative. I hope I could be able to attend one of his valuable seminars. Goodluck and more power JH!"

Melanie Canada
Sales & Marketing Staff
E-Wha Foam Phils., Inc

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Here's what Edgardo said about Jomar

"Jomar has given me the confidence to finally start my online business."

edgardo roxas
Sales manager

Monday, July 16, 2012

Here's what Clarissa said about the VA Seminar and OMC

He has helped me expand my knowledge on how to earn by working at home.  I have not yet started working as a VA but his seminars have given me an idea on where/how to begin as a VA.

Clarissa Evangelista
JBE Household

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Here's what Stella said about Jomar

"I didn't attend any seminar or webinar by Mr. Jomar Hilario, but he is one of my friend in FB, and I always like his post or shout out, (he has a positive outlook in life) that's why I'm here.I've read that he is one of the mentor of Bro. Bo Sanchez and an expert in internet marketing, so I believe that he's really a good and great person even though I didn't know him personally = ). Have a nice day!!! Godmorning!!!"

Stella Marie UMlas
HR Staff
Fortune Tobacco Corporation

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Here's what Mae Antonette said about the JH Mastery Group

kuya jomar helped me dream think of earning in other ways aside from my present job and other than loaning..he give me ideas on how to do things in a way i can simply understand.

Accountant III
Department of Science and Technology
National Capital Region

Friday, July 13, 2012

Here's what Ernie said about the VA Seminar and OMC

"Currently doing the Virtual Assistant assignment. Resigned from work (currently has no work) and are applying for gigs at ODesk."

Ernie Cris Serna
Engineering Support

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Here's what Marijo of QBE said about Jomar's VA Seminar

he lightened me up on how to do work from home, and opened possibility for me to work at home with my baby, who is soon to be born

finance and admin officer

Here's what Mikel of SunPower said about Jomar

"I first learn about Jomar through Bro.Bo's newsletters that was the year 2008 if I'm not mistaken. From that newsletter I was directed to another website with Jomar's sales letter about his two-day internet marketing workshop. I though this was just some easy-money stuff that can help me provide more for my family the fact that I love browsing. I later realized that internet marketing is a hardwork at least when your starting. Being the eldest in the family who worked in a manufacturing company, there's no way we can survive for our daily expenses plus the tuition fees of my three younger sisters.

So I asked my mother for the money, she was shocked that I asked 10k+ pesos upfront. I said to myself that this can help us provide something more. I was not able to get money from her though she managed to find where can I loan the money for the event. So yes, I was able to attend the two-day workshop. That all starts, from then on I keep on attending more of his seminars, sometimes I facilitate to help him out 'cause the reason why I started to seek more source of income is because I want to help my family and like-minded people. That's my initial reason. I remembered I told that reason personally to Jomar and he said that my reason was not enough, that means I have to find something bigger than myself. His right when he said that my reason was not enough 'cause I became ambivalent(something I learned from Bro.Bo's blog post). Yes, I attended some of Jomar's seminars and I really want to help people but I'm not sure if that what I really want.

I also became a member of his mentoring club, from that I learned to create blogs that can earn through adsense, a google program that was almost dead because google became strict with Asian bloggers. I also learned so much about internet marketing by subscribing though Marketing Insiders. From the right title for your blog post to creating a facebook page for your business. Jomar is also the one who told me to listen to audio talks as a part of mind-setting.

Beyond those things, the best thing that I can say that I learn from Jomar is that I learned how to live my life. I learned that if I really really want something badly then I can find the way to get it and that was not only from the book but from my own experience. I learned how greatly God provides, it is just our eyes that can't see enough, our heart that can't love enough and our minds that was not open enough to receive all the vast blessings.

Sometimes Jomar would tell you things that you needed to know though you don't want to. I remember the time Jomar scolded me (at least online) for being not punctual in facilitating in his mastermind group. I felt humiliated for a while but it greatly make me a better and humbler person, I learned that I have to respect the time of other people, that you can get something because you deserve it and not just you need it and that my reason was not really enough.

Now I'm a more confident, sociable and a loving person. I believe I won't be this happy in my life if I didn't met Jomar almost four years ago.

I also attended Jomar's VA seminar. Now, I'm working as a part-time virtual assistant and still finding more gigs to work part-time, then build an online business. I finally find a great alternative for working abroad plus the fact that I had more direction in life.

As Steve Job's said ""The journey is the reward."" and true enough, nothing could be more rewarding than to live a life with no regrets. Steve also said ""That to know who you are, you must know who your heroes are."" I was so grateful to God that Jomar was one of them. In fact, even if Jomar won't raffle a price I will still share this story of mine because of the way he radically change my life.

I also found a greater reason, I'm committing myself to serve my chosen community, my family and my friends. I commit to changed my mindset. I commit to live my life to the fullest. I commit to enjoy a deeper relationship with God.

Thank you Jomar for the genuine help. I find some Filipino internet marketers but can't find anyone who's more passionate and sincere to help people than Jomar that's why I continue to be his mentor for years.

Thank you po Kuya Jomar for being a wonderful person. :)"

Mikel Dumlao
Lead Technician
SunPower Manufacturing Corp.

Here's what Ramon of PhilamLife said about Jomar

I have been keeping up with Sir Jomar's emails since late January and it has gained me knowledge on internet marketing and everything else that has opened my mind to opportunities that the internet can offer. His emails also gave me access to different mentors like Brendon Burchard, who I also follow right now. Though I was never a part of his seminars, I still look forward to the day that I can join them. Thanks a lot sir!

Ramon Gahob Jr
Financial Adviser
Philam Life

Here's what Karen of Imperium Technology said about Jomar

How has Jomar helped me?
Through reading his emails I learn a lot of techniques of online marketing.

Karen Mae C. Convicto
Systems Engineer
Imperium Technology Inc.

Here's what Kyle of 1&1 Internet said about Jomar

Provided a lot of valuable entrepreneurship training materials that I read/listen almost everyday. Found out about The Feast of Bro. Bo Sanchez (I now attend The Feast in Cebu every Monday). I now have a good relationship with God because of him. Inspires me to do more, to be positive, to live life to the fullest.

Kyle del Mar
Tech Support
1&1 Internet

Here's what Edmee of Davao del Norte said about Jomar's OMC

"through his methods, he reminded me that I can be a home buddy with my family while earning money online."

Edmee Malepiro Linasa
Administrative Officer IV
Provincial Government of Davao del Norte

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Here's what Erlaine of Ultimate Spa Mktg said about Jomar's Marketing Insider, Deep Internet Secrets & VA Seminars

Before getting a copy of Jomar's downloadable VA seminar, I thought working online was just a scam. But it all changed when I heard and learned through this seminar. Who would have thought that I can stay home with my daughter to be a hands-on mom and at the same time earning from home? Jomar and his team (and other VA testimonials) opened my eyes and encouraged me to take this path of working-at-home. His Deep Internet Secrets seminar and being a member of his Marketing Insider group helped me to become more internet savvy and taught me techniques in marketing my blog and online shops. Hats off to Jomar for helping a lot of people especially moms like me.

Erlaine Gool
Team Member/SEO Assistant
Ultimate Spa Marketing System

Here's what Milagros of St Gabriel Archangel Academy said about Jomar

So far, through Jomar's emails, he has been helping me not to give up looking for alternatives to have a better deal with work.

Ma. Milagros Rhona Veranga-Gleane
St. Gabriel Archangel Academy

Here's what Lester of Royale Business Club Intl said about the JH Mastery Group

"I want to work at home but unfortunately I dont know how?Since Im only 19years Old and i dont have so much experience working...  So, A good friend of mine told to me that Jomar Hilario is teaching How to earn at Home, I joined webinar the topic is about earning in facebook, I was so confused at first, is that possible? And after ive joined the webinar I subscribed to Jomar Hilario's Updates through Emails, To the Jomar Hilario's Mastery Group and I keep Reading and Studying His Updates, following his online lessons :) So far, So good, Thanks to jomar hilario I know now How to's and What to do to earn money:) A great mentor! :) em also a Fan of Bro. Bo Sanchez Hehe.. Keep It Up Mr.Jomar! Keep Helping Us! You're Service s a Big Help to Us Filipinos."

lester portuguez acero
Network Marketer
Royale Business Club International

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Here's what Arnold of Pangkalambuan said about Jomar

"Providing valuable ideas, knowledge on internet marketing, downloading pictures in the drop box and other online techniques in making work efficient and effective."

Econ. Dev't Officer

Monday, July 9, 2012

Here's what Marietta of Manulife said about Jomar's VA & Breakthrough Seminars

"I get inspired to learn new skills and learn of what's going on now with Y generation. I may be a part of 'baby boomer' generation but this will not hinder me to catch up with the new trend.

More power to  you. God bless you & your loved ones.


Asst. Unit Head

Here's what Jodie of Jorido Pacific Foods said about Jomar's OMC

Jomar has helped me to improve my knowledge about Internet and to improve my self confident to pursue how to earn money online so I can give more.

Jodie Gravoso
Food Counter Attendant
Jorido Pacific Foods

Here's what Rowen said about Jomar

He showed how to be successful with my I, Inc.

Rowen Remis R. Iral
IT Engineer

Here's what Ma Elvira of PTC said about the VA Seminar and OMC

"I was able to attend the "How to Work as a VA" Seminar and I am now starting to create my blog so that I can earn as a VA. I also have joined the OMC and I am learning a lot."

Ma. Elvira Arugay
System Administrator

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Here's what Ma Fe of Teletech said about Jomar's OMC

"yup, giving tips & ideas on how to work at home."

maria fe deorizza salazar

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Here's what Jerome of IBM said about Jomar's OMC

"Widening my learning about internet marketing."

Jerome Cabaluna
HR service administrator

Friday, July 6, 2012

Here's what Lara said about the JH Mastery Group

"He helped me by enhancing more of what i know in my field. Not yet posting anything or published because I'm still practicing what he teach. Simple yet but straight forward webinars."

Lara G. Piedad
Medical Secretary

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Here's what Cecilia of Paddock's Jeans said about Jomar's OMC2

"Jomar has helped me knew the fundamentals I should know to be an internet marketer. His FREE webinars helped a lot of aspiring VA and internet marketer to earn online lalo na yung "How to detect scams" "What computer you should buy" and my favorite "How to earn in facebook". Si Jomar....He walk the talk. Di tulad ng iba na talk ng talk...wala naman learnings and result. =)"

Cecilia Solmerano
Fashion Merchandising Manager
Paddock's Jeans

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Here's what Claristine said about Jomar's Online Mentoring Club

"I am once an employee but I am so tired of the hustle and bustle of being employed and that includes politics. I met the name Jomar Hilario through a blogpost from Bo Sanchez. I was still an employee thus I was not able to attend his seminar last year and then when I resigned January this year I attended the March 17 VA Seminar. I heard from him facts on being a virtual assistant that is why I eagerly decided to join his online mentoring club. I want this man, Jomar Hilario to be my mentor! I believe in him and I believe that I will also be rich not only in money but in ideas as well as gain more friends."

Claristine Dalisay
online entrepreneur

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Here's what Maurie said about Jomar's seminars

"Sir Jomar has helped me open the doors of opportunities for me. I believed that his mentoring, advises through online strategies he's been e-mailing were answers to my questions. I had been looking for ways on how to work from home. Curious on how working at home really is. My husband been wanting me to quit my routinary job by all means so i could give "US" quality time together. I was wondering on how to be productive even just staying at home and getting away with daily commutes and race against time so i won't be tardy at work. I think i have found the answers through Jomar and all i have to do is start acting on it and study the assignments, focus and start to befriend the computer and the soft wares attached to it and do something out of it to earn. The books he recommended are inspiring helping you to come out of your shell and be productive. I pray for abundance soon, so i could give more...more time to my loved ones, more blessings not just for me and my family but to others in need. I want to be a blessing to others just like Sir Jomar! Godspeed!"

Maurie Jo d. Cabrera
Area Manager

Monday, July 2, 2012

Here's what Ralph of Ferna Corp said about Jomar

"Thru FREE Webinar. My schedule and workload as a Graphic Designer makes my time so difficult to attend in various seminar and invitations. But thru the help of the Jomar Hilario's webinar, i can adjust my appointments and learned from the discussions and topics."

Graphic Artist
Ferna Corporation

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