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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Joy (already earned $4 as a beginner) review of Jomar Hilario's Online Workshop

I learned a lot from your workshop.  Experiencing the typhoon Ondoy after our cancelled workshop several weeks ago, I was so inspired to write a blog about it and submitted it to one of the social sites I joined in. It was the first blog I submitted to the site.  The same blog got some good comments and reviews and even won me a "job" as "Article Marketing Director" of one of my favorite real estate mentors, Trace Trajano.  What more, the same blog won me free lifetime mentoring from Trace Trajano!  (read more about it here) I have no previous experience writing blogs.  It was just that I was so inspired coming from your seminar and was just so eager to put everything to "real action".  In fact, after attending your seminar, I created several blogs and have now earned a whooping $4 to my account (time to celebrate!).

Thank you so much for sharing what you know.  You made the course very easy to understand and you give so much inspiration.  I will recommend your workshop to all my friends!
More success and God bless.


Tenten - product seller - reviews Jomar Hilario's Internet Selling Workshop in the Philippines

Hi.  This is my review regarding the IMW by Mr. Jomar Hilario:

The 2-day Internet Marketing Workshop of Jomar Hilario is a very very good investment. You'll know it already even during the 1st day!

What is best about it is that it is a workshop!  You could apply what you have learned immediately! You don't have to wait, after the discussion of a certain topic, he'll give a demo then participants will have a chance to do it! Each participant has his/her own computer terminal.

What I don't's only for two days!  I want it for at least one week! =)

I have been blogging for some time already before attending his workshop.  But I wasn't earning from it!  After the 1st day, after applying what I have learned,  I immediately saw results from my adsense account!  It is still not that huge...yet, because I'm still a newbie, but relatively, there's a significant change!...not only in the amount of money but on how I do it!  I am talking about the relationship between earning money and the amount of time you spend in front of your PC.  That is, an increase in earnings as to decrease in the amount of time working!

Not only that!  I am now more confident in selling products on the internet!...that's for the 2nd day of the workshop!  I have learned a lot from it as well!  Right now, I have two products that have been already set up, and I should say, "watch out for more of my upcoming products!" =)

Earning semi-passively!

Earning even when you're sleeping!

That's a blessing!

You are a blessing to us Jomar.  Thanks a lot!


Christian 'tenten' Austria

P.S.  This is one of my blogs. Based [of course] on my google adsense account, this is one of my top channels to date,

Ponky, an Auditor's review of the Manila Internet Marketing - Get Semi-Passive Income Workshop by Jomar Hilario

I’m Mary Ann E. Poncardas, Ponky for short. I am an auditor by profession. I have attended sir Jomar’s Internet Marketing Workshop last October 2 and 24, 2009. Here’s my review on the workshop.

Points for improvement

1.)    14 hours are not enough to absorb all the topics. For beginners like me, the topics are overwhelming. There are times when I get lost with the discussion because we have to hurry due to time constraints. Maybe the starting time can be moved earlier.

2.)    I also find the schedule especially Friday a bit of a concern because it’s a working day. Maybe the workshop can be scheduled during weekends.

3.)    Equal or better yet more time should be spent on online selling topics especially on product set-up and the use of sites like paypal, 1shopping cart and yolasite. Discussion on those topics was a bit fast.

4.)    On the venue, I think it’s a little bit noisy and sometimes distracting.

Things worth noting

1.)    The topics are very practical. Everyone can do it even with little computer background.

2.)    The teaching strategy is very effective. First, the topic is discussed. Second, a demo on how to do it is presented and third, the participant s apply it to their individually assigned computer.

3.)    There are enough facilitators who are very accommodating and patient in assisting the participants.( Kudos to you guys, for doing a great job!)

4.)    You’ll really get to listen to an internet marketing expert who’s very generous in sharing what he knows. You’ll never get bored listening to him. He has a funny way of emphasizing important points in his discussion. I bet you all know him. For those who don’t, I’m talking about the internet marketing guru himself sir Jomar Hilario. (Mabuhay ka sir Jom!)

5.)    The workshop also had a short yoga session. I really like the yoga part. Very effective. I’ll gonna do it every morning.

6.)    Materials including the slide presentation are given to the participants. So everything that was discussed in the workshop can be done at home.

In general, I think its a unique workshop. There’s actually a catch, just when you thought you are attending an internet marketing workshop, prepare yourself for a big disappointment because sir Jomar had emphasized  to us from the start that the workshop is all about achieving your dreams  by changing your mindset and using the internet as one of the vehicles in achieving  financial freedom.

For all the things I've experienced during the workshop and for all the things I can do after it, I think its all worth it.:-)

Thank you to the organizers and God bless you all.
Best regards,

Melanie (simple internet surfer) reviews Jomar Hilario's Internet Marketing Workshop

Review on Truly Rich Internet Marketing Workshop by Jomar Hilario
October 3 and October 24, 2009

I must say that Mr. Hilario has made my world bigger with this workshop.

From a simple internet surfer keeping in touch with family and friends by email and the social networks, the internet for me has now grown from simply being a link but as a source and tool for business, an instrument to use in achieving a lifestyle I dream for my family.

His workshop is well-organized. The concepts are presented from the very simple and basic to the more intricate and more complex without it being overwhelming. The lessons are complemented by a written guide, a visual guide and a demonstration, then tried out / followed by the participants. And moreso, thare are facilitators who can help out on a 1-on-1 basis if one is still hard to follow the lessons. Mr. Hilario makes a lot of simple analogies that make an "internet idiot" understand. Like when he presented the concept of the the shopping cart as the marketer and Paypal as the cashier. The concept of multiple streams of income, he used KC Concepcion as a student who used to just have income from one source (mega mom) to now having income from commercials, movies, etc. The concepts are presented in a variety of ways like the importance of keywords, in a game, the participants own concept of making money online is done by partners sharing their own plans to develop blogs, into products they can sell using the aids of different websites.

It helped a lot that we were given assignments and preparations before the workshop as this facilitated understanding of the first day lessons.

Mr. hilario as a facilitator is a very good motivator. His enthusiasm and "positivism" makes you really want to learn more and more. I like it that he incorporates games, interaction among participants and even gives out "freebies" as books and magazines as tokens of good work or prizes on games.

The venue is very accesible by commute or private vehicle. Each participant has his own computer makes the lessons very personal. The food is very good and filling.

Now that I am home, he has gifted us with a copy in our thumb drive of the whole 2-day lecture and a lot lot more of what I would call "continuous education" (additional reading guides to further improve where we are now). In the workshop, he has basically spoonfed us with all the things WE HAVE TO DO TO START SUCCESSFULLY an internet business but in his "freebies" he leaves it to us further dig deep into what more we can learn. He's like the key who turned on the ignition to start the car and even gave "free" gas to further help us start going to our destination of success.

If I were to rate the whole workshop it would be a 9 / 10. Just a few comments on how to further improve the workshop:

1. The second day was a bit hard to follow because there were so many concepts to learn (that is presuming that I not so much internet knowledgeable). Maybe it would help if the participants were given a copy of the lectures to read over the week before the 2nd meeting (after the first day) so that they would have a chance to preview what lay ahead.

2. Since there are ready co-facilitators in the group, maybe it wuld be helpful that each participant is given a facilitator-partner with whom he can work closely in understanding the lessons. So that after the first day they can communicate even by email. Example, the first day lesson encouraged me to start out my own blogs and after creating about 6 blogs (Hehehe by the way you promised me a prize for that! ), I so wanted to show it to someone to comment on whether it was a good blog or how I could further improve it. I understand that there is a menotring club that would do that but a few guidelines would help, like mentoring just for the duration of the workshop. It would of course be best if Mr. Hilario could do that but because I thisnk this would be too much mentoring for 1 person of 30 or more people, his advance participants or co-faciltators maybe can help out.

3. Regarding the ONLINE mentoring Club. People would be very interested to join it but may I suggest that a "2 week to a month time allowance to decide and prepare" be given to absorb the 2 day seminar just to give the participant enough time to absorb and try out all the lessons learned and do some "tinkering and further reading" for himself and then go on to the mentoring. This would also give us time to prepare the money to pay for the additonals (IPOD, etc)

That's about all for now and I do hope that I can get to attend and take advantage of Mr. Hilario's offferings in the future. Definitely looking forward to that.

Thank you Mr. Hilario and all your staff, my world now is not only bigger but better!!!! More POWER

Review by Mannix de Duque (military man)

I’m Cpt. Mannix de Duque, the director of the directorate for i.T. Training of the philippine army, and now a very satisfied student of jomar hilario in this remarkable internet marketing workshop.

I’m so satisfied because i’m really learning a lot on how to make my own blogs that would generate additional streams of passive income.

Jomar’s style of teaching is so straightforward, practical, simple yet very informative and effective, making it easy for us students to follow his instructions.

The workshop is really great! It provides excellent hands-on experience because each of us has one computer to use, which gives us the opportunity to immediately implement jomar’s lessons.

I’m so grateful right now because in just two days, I learned so many things from jomar… especially on how to use effective keywords in our blogs that will increase traffic and visitors and eventually put money into your pocket.

So if you’re interested to have additional streams of income, attend jomar’s internet marketing workshop, and you’ll really love it, you’ll learn from it, and you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned instantly and start earning.

Sulit na sulit talaga! We’re so happy for having jomar as our mentor. Jomar is truly an expert internet marketer. He is very humble and he is so generous in sharing his knowledge and skills on how to build your very own business in the internet, and has bonus lessons as well on how to live a remarkable life.

Thank you jomar! My mentor and internet marketing hero! Mabuhay ka!

P.S. With the books I already bought, I also enjoy the teachings of bo sanchez! Jim rohn! Si t. Harv eker! Les brown! Earl nightingale! Napoleon hill! Robert kiyosaki! Jack canfield! John assaraf! Mark victor hansen! Robert allen! Zig ziglar! Anthony robbins! Rhonda byrne! At wallace d wattles! And now pati na kayo sir jomar hilario! Thank you!

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