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Facilitator Plus -Attend the Workshop for 50% off

Say you want to attend the two day hands on internet marketing workshop, the next one will be on Sept 3-4,2010.
But problem is you can't raise the P 9750 required to be there.
In a survey, some of you said "make it more affordable!".
Though I cannot really change the workshop price --there is another way for you to be there and it's way cheaper than P 9750:
Become one of the few "Facilitator Plus" in the event.
Here's what you'll get if you become a ""Facilitator Plus"
1. Advance copy of the text based lessons (pdf, digital copy) - text version
2. You get to also take home the 400MB digital graphics version of the lessons - during the event (bring an empty Thumb Flash USB Drive)
3. You get to sit and listen and take notes when there's a lecture.
4. You'll actively assist others in referring to the their copy of the lessons you got in advance (see #1 above).
5. Then you sit down again when there's a lecture. Note: You cannot use the computer and you cannot bring your own laptop.
6. You get free snacks and lunch for two days, but you also assist others in getting their snacks and lunch.
7. You get to join in the FREE DINNER given to facilitators after the second day.
8. You get to network with the other facilitators, some of them are already experienced bloggers and my online mentoring students.
9. You learn while helping others learn- thus increasing your ability to retain the lessons!
10. You'll also get a free two hour one on one consultation with me at Rosewood Pointe. (this is value at P 4750, so you get your money back + P 200!)
This offer will not be up forever, you need to decide before August 25,2010 if you wish to facilitate. This is also first paid - first served. 

WARNING: If you're not familiar with the internet or surfing --YOU CANNOT BE A FACILITATOR.
I will only be getting around five or four facilitators like yourself per workshop. To become a facilitator plus and learn the lessons -two weeks before the event starts--you only need to pay P 4577 (US$ 97) now.

Use this paypal link for credit card or paypal payments. Do not pay via Beaconlight. This is an internal arrangement between you and me.  You may also use a direct deposit P 4577 via BPI Bank Deposit: Jose Mario R Hilario / 3216-3898-62 / BPI Savings Account / Corinthian Plaza Branch, Makati. After the deposit, please email me - and include the bank branch you did the deposit from.

This is like a 50% off discount. Catch it while the slots still remain.

Now what if you paid but you can't get in the Sept 3-4 event?

What happens then?

You'll be on the priority list to attend the next 2 day workshop- a few months after June, so you'll have more time to prepare.
But know that for this year I will only be accepting a very very small number of Facilitator PLUS then I shall "close the store" and reopen it again -when there are slots available.
P.S. What's new in the lessons since last year?
1. New Keyword Research Material and Examples
2. Completely New Blogging Techniques to avoid the "Spam" label that google gives to blogs.
3. Simplified way to create a Thank You Page
4. Overview of Online Selling and Blogging Together
5. Less stories from me, more lessons for you

P.S. Get in the Sept 3-4 workshop for half price as a facilitator plus: CLICK HERE to pay via Credit Card.

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