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Thursday, July 17, 2008

AdSense Account

Starting with this post.line. is the live blogging/live q&A text we did during the July event. Attend and find out the answers to these questions!

Dear Jomar,
I was on of those who attended your seminar/workshop last July 11-12. Up to now I cannot get my AdSense account approved. What other options do I have?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Re: AdSense

Dear Jomar,


I was one of those who attended your Internet Marketing Seminar last July 11-12. Up to now I am having problems getting approved of my AdSense account. I always get the message "a user with the same name already exists". Do I need to create a new email account? Thank and God bless.


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Saturday, July 12, 2008

ShoppingCart - Credit Card Features


How about the credit card payment features of 1ShoppingCart,
will this be presented in the seminar?

Thank you.

RE: Internet Marketing

Dear Jomar;
How will I know that there's a lot of people visit my blog.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bonus Materials

How many bonus materials are there?
I have 5 in my PC.

intro to me and blogging concepts 01
intro to me and blogging post 02
intro to me and blogging setup 01
intro to me and blogging topic 01
promo 01

I can't find the report about auto responders.
Please help. Thank you.

Stephen H. Briones (o^^)o o(^^o)

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Autoresponder subscription


With regards to the 30 day trial period with 1ShoppingCart,
will they be charging us automatically for the succeeding
months if we don't cancel our subscription or will the service
just die down on its own without after 30 days?

Thank you.

Try me?

Try me?

About the internet marketing

Hello, Good evening Mr. Jomar Hilario. I would like to ask about the thing that you told us after the seminar the one that we should pay around 4dollars?.. What is it?.. I would like to know. And can I have a copy of the topic tat you have taught us a while ago?.. I'll be bringing my flash drive tomorow. Thanks.

Question pls...

Is my understanding correct that sometimes it is not advisable to
update your blog everyday and you have to wait for a while so it will


May I ask how much you are averaging (in terms of earnings) per month through adsense?

Stephen H. Briones (o^^)o o(^^o)

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