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Friday, June 29, 2012

Here's what Anna Victoria said about Jomar's Online Mentoring Club

"He has helped me discern most of the important factors in becoming a successful VA. Because of his teachings, I became more confident in my self as I do this awesome job."

Anna Victoria Limbing
Virtual Assistant
Various Clients

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Here's what Donmarl of BCDA Mgt and Holdings said about Jomar

"I have been a subscriber to Jomar's email lists for almost two years now. His marketing tips helped me a lot in my business as a financial trainer of IMG."

Donmarl Camua
Geodetic Engineer
BCDA Management and Holdings, Inc.

Here's what Nerissa of Chile Rose said about Jomar's VA Seminar

"Jomar has helped me increase my horizon in terms of my career and business. He taught me straight to the point lesson on how I can work at home as a VA, which eventually makes my finances climb up the ladder. He also gives me the courage to take risk and enter in the entrepreneur world of online business by offering services to businesses who need online presence."

Nerissa Marcos
Virtual Assistant/Accountant
Chile Rose/PBOLT Inc.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Here's what Michelle of Firm Builders Realty said about Jomar's VA Seminar

"Sir Jomar has helped me a lot. First, I found it that he is really an approachable person that he doesn't mind what is your social status in life. I was overwhelmed while receiving a reply from him for the first time, it made me realized that he really cares for people who needs help. Though I'm still a newbie as of now, but I know time will come I will realize all my dreams and aspirations in life through Sir Jomar's unselfish desire to teach and impart his knowledge to us all. Yes, he's a gift from heaven to us. So Sir Jomar, let me take this opportunity to thank you, thank you for giving me a glimpse of hope, a glimpse of a beautiful life ahead. :)"

Michelle Mae V. Domocol
Project Cashier
Firm Builders Realty Dev't. Corp.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Here's what Suzette, a government employee, said of Jomar's VA Seminar and Online Mentoring Club

"Jomar teaches practical tools which are quite useful in my evereday life especially in doing presentations, jomar teaches us an effective way of communicating with just powerpoint,teaches how to discover the real me in finding my real hero,oh by the way im his OMC2 student that's why..jomar imparts his knowledge during his webinars when he can have as his products..Is learning how to create fan page,and contest not worth listening to jomar?Jomar i can say is passionate in his develop a much better you..and learn internet skills easily by his teachings,and now me and my husband were one of those people benefitting from his teachings my husband discover his true calling to be an internet marketer and also helped others along the way to our sucess right now he's in front of me immersed in his laptop getting additional knowledge on how to be an SEO at the same time creating contest in fb..and the most wonderful thing about it is he's not bored at all..because he loves what he is doing...I say jomar really is the guy if you want an internet marketing guru..who would help you understand every step of the at home?you ask jomar pwedeng pwede tanungin nyo sya,internet marketing?alam nya yun..I don't regret being an OMC2 the money the we have paid for my enrollment in OMC2 is just sulit because everyday he gives us inspirational status and he gives us a boost everytime that he learns new things jomar is so excited that he will post it in his fb and not contented with it he will organize webinars ganun si jomar hindi sya madamot sa alam nya..kudos to jomar..ikaw na jomar ang aming mentor..."

Suzette G.Ferry
government employee
local government

Friday, June 22, 2012

Here's what Marivien of Shree Raama Enterprises said about Jomar's VA Seminar and Online Mentoring Club

"I am  a  grandmother to a  3  year old  smart  boy Alexis and my kids  and  granchild  always  laugh  at  me  because  I  am no  computer wizard  but  a computer  lizard  as  they  call me.  Never  in my wildest  dream that  I  will  study  all  these internet  related  subjects.  I was  just  aiming  to  build  my  online  shopping.  Never  have  a  thought  that I  still have  the  ability to absorb "techy subjects".  That's  where  Jomar  Hilario  came  into the  picture.  He  was  always  endorsed  by one of my  heroes  Bo Sanchez.  I  read  everything  I  could  thru the internet  and finally  I  had  an opportunity  to  attend  the  VA  Seminar  last  March  17, 2012  at the  beautiful  scenery  of Rosewood  Pointe.  And  Jomar  was  just  an  amazing  teacher  and  made  all the  topics  easy  to  understand and  never  thought  that  the application  will be  easy.  I  know  at  my pace  I  am  still a  lizard,  but  a  lizard  continuously and  enjoying  learning  everyday.  And  that  lizard  will one  day  emerge not  only  on  the walls  but  on the  walls  of  everyone  in the  internet.  LOL    And  the  funny,  cool  Jomar  Hilario  will always  be there  caring  and  guiding  people  to  see  the unlimited possibilites  of  earning  by  working from  home.  And  my  advocacy  to  create  businesses  and  job opportunites  extended  for  people  who  wants  to  work  from  home. "

Marivien R. Tiglao
Shree Raama Enterprises

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Here's what Lyndone said about Jomar's VA Seminar and JH Mastery Group

"Through Jomar Hilario's seminar, I regained back my self-confidence in pursuing my dreams in life. Right now it is not only my dream of becoming a lawyer which is prominent but the use of my skills that is pertinent in law school such as reading, writing and analysis can be used as a good source of passive income by working and studying at the same time in home. I am excited for the opportunities that will open for me in the future."

- Lyndone Kristoffer R dela Cruz

Monday, June 18, 2012

Here's what Divina Joy of The Studio of Secret6, Inc said about Jomar's Deep Internet Secrets and VA Seminars

"Jomar opened my eyes to the world of internet marketing. So far I have applied some of the things he teached. I haven't gotten my first gig yet or first dollar in internet marketing but I am positive that I can reach my goals if I just follow Jomar's advice. I think that Jomar is the most effective Internet Marketing Guru in the Philippines."

Divina Joy Ayungo
Junior Accounting Officer
The Studio of Secret6, Inc.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Here's what Ma Millicent of the Consulate of Estonia said about Jomar's Internet Marketing and VA Seminars

"I first heard of Jomar's lessons from Bro. Bo Sanchez's weekly newsletter and being at the lowest point of my life with growing expenses and surmounting debt, the possibility of having multiple streams of income through the internet seemed the best choice especially that I am a solo mom.

I took his internet marketing seminar in May 2010 and downloaded the virtual assistant seminar in September of the same year. I concentrated in blogging and began earning from google adsense almost instantly although slowly. But my biggest earner was when I started a career in oDesk and applying Jomar's lesson, I got an employer in 3 applications! I almost couldn't believe it because I had no VA background nor oDesk rating yet plus the fact that oDesk says a contractor would have to go through an average of 45 applications before getting hired.  My client was so nice and, impressed with my performance, recommended me to her friend who hired me right away. For over a year now, I have 2 regular clients and just a month ago got an offer from Google to be a Judgment Contributor.

I just want to say that Jomar's lesson are not only technical but also appeals to ones' character improvement because implementing his lessons made me develop self-discipline and more important belief in myself that I can earn additional income without having to leave my day job (which I love) and sacrifice time away from my son. 

Praying that Jomar continue to help and give hope to more people.

Many, many thanks and God bless!"

Maria Millicent Reyes
Executive Secretary to the Consul General
Pena y Cia, Inc./ Consulate of Estonia

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Here's What Joseph of JBV Social said about Jomar's VA Seminar

"1. I realized that work-at-home is also a very good option, realistic, & attainable. 
2. Jomar uplifts the Pinoy global integrity when it comes to online stuff. 
3. Jomar does not limit his training within the agenda but also injects inspirations & motivations. 
4. In my opinion Jomar's free stuff, like webinars & email tips, is as good as the paid trainings (a clear example of good karma). 
5. Jomar challenges, instead of spoon-feeds."

Joseph B. Verdida
Social Media Manager
JBV Social

Here's what Jan of Safeway Philtec said about Jomar's Hands-on Internet Marketing Workshop

"He has given me the opportunity to explore new ways to earn money. Basically, to deviate from the traditional mindset that everyone needs to enter the corporate world (work as an employee) to earn a decent salary/income."

Jan Michael Tan
Programmer Analyst
Safeway Philtec

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Here's what Darryl of Internet Success Hub said about Jomar's VA Seminar

"I'm a member of the OMC 1 on the year 2010 I became a member after I saw him talk about Internet Marketing on the Money Summit and Wealth Expo. I've attended the VA seminar last Oct 2010 and I was inspired to work from home and it's a great opening for me since I'm now working from home. On Jan 2011 I've joined the Social Mentoring Club where we meet twice a month every Thursday for 7 months. There are a lot of unrelated Social Media topics ( I think it was a bonus lessons since it is still related to marketing and other business stuffs). I've recently attended the deep internet secrets seminar that was held last May 1 2012. Overall all the lessons opened me to Internet Marketing and get to know his International Mentors as well. All the lessons helped me to where I am right now as a Social Media Manager from an awesome Singapore base company. I'm still looking forward to be part of the inner circle mastermind group :)"

Darryl F. Pasa
Social Media Manager
Internet Success Hub

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Here's What Ma Trician of Jollibee has to say about Jomar's VA Seminar

".....his email/blog is so encouraging...before i have no idea what would be my job aside from being a restaurant manager....but now i am starting to learn and invest to be a virtual assistant....i also want to work at home...."

Marie Trician T. Tagavilla
Assistant Restaurant Manager

Here's what Rosa Maria of R4R said about Jomar's OMC2, Internet Marketing Workshop, and VA seminar

"Having attended Jomar Hilario's Internet Hands-on Workshop opened my world to internet marketing, though i have not applied it yet in my personal business, i have valued the simple lessons from him.  It was where i first learned Ctrl-X to delete or cut something, Ctrl-C to copy something, and Ctrl-V to paste it.  With that, my mindset then became learning shortcuts using the keyboard and not to rely on the use of the mouse and opening menus.  Keyboard shortcuts made computing faster and easier, and all those keyboard strokes started with Jomar's Ctrl-V.

Realizing i really had to learn more, i suggested to Jomar if he can teach instead Virtual Assistant so i can learn how to navigate more, be an assistant instead to others, and along the way, help me through my internet-selling-learning process. But alas, he had so many lessons after my 2010 hands-on seminar and it was only last March 17, 2011 that i had the courage to attend his VA seminars.  Well, maybe it was for the best... because back then, there was only Friendster and Yahoo and Google, which i considered more for teens and yuppies not for mothers like me. :D  Right now, lessons from VA, or rather, assignments-to-do, have taught me a lot of things i wanted to do... make movies, google video-chat, etc.  Had they not been assignments with deadlines, i would not have given the time to learn... and am still struggling with the remaining 6 powerpoints.  The Deep-internet secrets was also a very informative seminar... o but i need to review again the seminar once i am through with my VA assignments.  That done, and with OMC2, I hope to finally get this internet-earning-scheme get going for myself.  Jomar loads lot of friendly reminders/quotations, and these tiny bits of reminders gets through me and helps me focus on things i have to do and learn.  Thanks Jomar.  Sure hope i will be able to get there and help others as well along the way. 

p.s.  how come i can only check one below... ?  there must be something wrong with the program.  anyway, aside from OMC2, i also attended your 2-day hands on internet marketing workshop (May, 2010), VA seminar (March 17, 2012) DIS Seminar (May 1, 2012) and am a member or the related clubs including JH Master Group. :D God bless!"

Rosa Maria B. Cruz
R4R Commercial Printer

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Deep Internet Secrets Testimonial by Jemelyn

"I purchased the downloadable version of va seminar and deepinternetsecrets seminar of Jomar. Both seminars are very informative and easy to understand. After 2 months of purchasing the seminar I got a gig, a part time VA. As he said there are no guarantee that you land a gig but because of his mentoring you will learned a lot and gain confidence to apply for a gig."

Jemelyn Buan
Property Officer
AMACC Angeles

Friday, June 8, 2012

Testimonial by Raquel

"A week ago, I came to know his advocacy through Bo's site and immediately registered on his site. He encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. If your a pessimistic person, his words will energize your soul to take risks, widen your perspective and start your journey towards financial freedom and to think that I have not yet attended any of his seminars."

Raquel Dolina
Animal Nutritionist
Universal Feed Mill Corporation

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Testimonial by Ted

"Jomar Hilario has been the light in an otherwise dark and gloomy Pinoy internet marketing scene. He has shown us all that the Filipino is ready to take on the world via online marketing. Now live a marvelous life!"

Hermosisima, Ted Martin J.
Web Developer / Technical Lead
Savvysherpa Asia Inc.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Testimonial by Alvin

"He inspired to have a confident to put up a business."

Alvin espinosa
Senior desktop support
Al corniche hospital

Monday, June 4, 2012

Breakthrough Seminar Testimonial by Agnes

"Jomar helped me to think out of the box. :)"

Agnes Merza
Account Specialist

OMC2 Testimonial by Lani

Jomar helped me realized a lot of things namely:
1.  Huge potential of internet marketing
2.  Scams within the internet marketing
3.  Maximize the social network sites to my advantage
4.  The sleeping writer in me

Lani Dy
Deyalt Sales Corporation

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