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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Review from Eugene about the Internet Marketing Workshop/Seminar of Jomar Hilario.

Here's another honest review about the recent Internet Marketing Workshop/Seminar I've conducted:

Before I proceed with the review I'll give a little background on my registration.

Last week I attended Truly Rich Financial Coaching Program by Bro Bo and his mentors. It's a two-day seminar scheduled on March 21 and 28, 2009.
It was really inspiring and eye-awakening experience and I was so excited for the next session on March 28th.

Three days before the the seminar, I inquired Beacon Light Events, the organizer about the Internet Marketing Workshop when will be their next run since their schedule this season is March 27 and 28. I was informed by the Beacon Lights that next sessions would be on June to which I was so shocked. "That's three months from now, I can't wait that long, time is gold and I don't want to miss this opportunity". What I did is negotiated with them if I could squeeze in to this sessions which is 3 days from now. Registration should be at least a week before the event. The thing is Day 2 of IMW seminar coincides with the Day 2 of FCP seminar. I told them I'll just attend the FCP on their next run. To that, they agreed. Wahoooo.

First session day. I phoned the office I can't come to work due to LBM (Looking for Better Management) hahahah.. The truth is I'll attend this seminar. I arrived to the venue in Genex Computer Rental Shop in second floor of Farmers Plaza Cubao, Quezon City. I had no trouble finding the place since it was fully described in the confirmation email by the organizers.

Upon entering the venue I immediately recognized familiar faces from the Feast. They were Bro Bo's sisters of the Beacon Light. Very nice and accomodating people.

I find a seat close to where the lecturer would be. Speaker is Jomar Hilario, a lively, fun loving fellow who seems to never run out of battery. Assisting him on the presentations is her sister Jeena, and some other roving facilitators to assists the students to catch up with the hyper active lecturer.

Students are strongly encouraged to accomplish their assignments before attending the seminar. You'll get lost if you have deficiencies in online registration specially for the Adsense. I repeat, attendees should have been pre-approved in Google Adsense. The key is to have your synthasite blog worth looking. This is very important.

To make the most of this enriching seminar, students should watch and listen to the lecturer, then watch again as his assistant execute the procedures, then it will be attendees turn to hands-on.

The nice thing about this seminars  is there are words of wisdom and success stories being injected to stimulate learning. This is to break the ice from continous technical jargons.. It works. Refreshments were served while lesson are ongoing. A guest speaker was introduced halfway through the session. His name is Larry Gamboa Ph D. A real estate guru. He was a big fan of Robert kiyosaki, author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad. He imparts wisdom about "Always Closing". An excellent selling strategy.

Around 645 PM, dinner was served and it was delectable. This time the very energetic speaker decided to rest... Participants are dining while practicing.. After the nice meal the session resumed and wrapped up at 9pm.

That was Day 1.. When I got home before going to bed, I created a blog about my favorite gadget iPhone and applied what I've learned so far..

I woke up this morning and discovered I had 39 cents in my Adsense account! Wow! I was so amazed and thrilled.

Day 2 started at 1030AM same place. Topic for this day is the real online selling, remember that previous one was about earning by blogging. This time we have to use different tools like Paypal, 1Shopping Cart and Blogger. This is where the confusions begins, we have to link those to make a sell.  I was introduced to HTML's..We were taught how to make newsletters, autoresponders, money transfers and what products to sell... While listening to these, I multitasked and have my blog created last night promoted to my friends through YM.. I earn several more cents doing this. ehheheheh... But I had a headache afterwards due to too much too soon stream  of informations I have to absorb. It was mind boggling, good thing there are friendly facilitators to assist the participants... I was so thrilled by my initial earnings and I refresh  Adsense every now and then to see my cents... I offered testimonial to Jomar's workshop relating how I earned a few hours after the first session.

Another good thing about this seminar are the freebies given so that participants won't have to scratch their head figuring out what to sell online. Very Nice.

Internet Marketing is a lucrative business for those who are passionate and being online is their second nature.

Price is steep but worth it if you "ACT" on this and don't waste the treasure of knowledge...

Do you think you've got the enthusiasm for this, then what are you waiting for?

Lord God, I thank you for the blessings of knowledge  I received today and in return will impart this to help others to earn more so I can give more.

The purpose of wealth is to help.


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