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Friday, August 31, 2012

Here's what Grace of Asian Home Appliance Center said about Jomar

it made me believe that there are legitimate income generating jobs in the internet...

Branch Manager
Asian Home Appliance Center 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Here's what Ulysses of CSJ de Alaminos said about Jomar's VA Seminar

Jomar has inspired me that creativity really pays off.  When i listen to him on the webinars and the letters i receive in the e-mails, I just cant help admit that there's really much to learn! I really love the endings of each e-mail: "now live a marvelous life." Oh yes, definitely, im going to live a marvelous life!

Ulysses C. Cacho
Colegio San Jose de Alaminos

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Here's what Estrella of St Francis of Assisi College said about the Deep Internet Secrets Seminar

As a beginner, Jomar has shared me new horizons in utilizing internet technology. He has given me something to look forward to in the future. He helped me gain some self-confidence and winning attitude, that if others can make it, I also can. It depends on my decision to put to action what I have learned from him. He is not merely a teacher; he is a mentor.

Estrella P. Ponce de Leon
high school teacher
St Francis of Assisi College Syatem

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Here's what Josh of JoshBanateIndustries said about the VA Seminar & Hands-on Workshop

"Through Jomar Hilario's ""2 Day Hands On Internet Marketing Workshop"" I attended in July 2009, my eyes were opened to the opportunities of earning online. Particularly, earning through blogs through Google's adsense program and earning online by selling digital products. That workshop had opened my eyes to the world of internet marketing and it served as my stepping stone to climbing the ladder of internet marketing success. If you wish to enter the exciting world of internet marketing, I can boldly say that Jomar's ""2 Day Hands On Internet Marketing Workshop"" is an indispensable event that you just can't afford to miss.

Last October of 2010 if my memory serves me right, I attended Jomar's ""VA Seminar"". It was a great event full of very useful information on how to become an online Virtual Assistant. If you desire to become a VA, and a good one indeed, Jomar's ""VA Seminar"" is a must for you.

Jomar, thank you brother. I owe you one.

Joseph Banate

Monday, August 27, 2012

Here's what Marlon of ASKI said about Jomar's VA Seminar

Jomar has helped me realize that there are lots of opportunities online. Through his lessons, emails, seminars and webinars, my way of thinking about the use of technology has changed a lot. He uses language that can easily be understood without the technical terms. I am very grateful to have a mentor like Jomar. Very practical and gives a lot of insights. I am looking forward to be part of the other events that he will conduct. Jomar you're such a blessing to the world especially to people like me who dreams to live the life we want. Less work. More time for our loved ones. Now, live a marvelous life! Thanks! =)

Marlon F. Alvior
Junior Auditor

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Here's what Ma Teresa of Phil Veterans Bank said about the VA & Deep Internet Secrets Seminar

Jomar has taught me how easy it is to expand my knowledge about the internet by explaining the lessons in the simplest words. He has also strengthened my belief in myself and that there is no age limit when one really wants to learn new skills. He is so generous with his tips and those bonuses he keeps giving away every time! Those free webinars and downloadable recordings & pdf files of the seminars we attended which we can review at our leisure! what more could you ask for? Thank you, Jomar, for all these and for all that you still plan to give! God will never tire of blessing you more and mightily!

Ma Teresa A Gonzales
Documentation Analyst
Phil Veterans Bank

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Here's what Liza of DA said about Jomar

Jomar helped me to always look on the bright side, that there's hope of good life without leaving the country. This I want to prove myself by joining his advocacy. I want my sisters to live a good life without leaving their kids and breaking their hearts....God has given me the opportunity to buy the necessary tools i will be needing, and this year Im leveling up from an observer to an actor. How jomar has helped me? His work gives me undying hope!!! thanks God He sent jomar in my emails.....

Liza s Mariano
DA Technical Staff
Department of Agriculture

Friday, August 24, 2012

Here's what Gertrudes of Taytay sa Kauswagan said about OMC and the VA Seminar

I have followed Jomar's online club and learn from other members how they are being helped with Jomar. I also received mails from him and even from other sources through Jomar. Before I have no idea what is this online marketing nor virtual assistants things. Through Jomar it opened my world in the internet and how i used this personally. I started to have my blogs though they were very simple as I am still tied up to my day work hence I have limited time in the internet. But I still love to work on by blogs, it is my expressions and my being. I may not have plenty of views but nevertheless I got some viewers out there. I have attended one of Jomar"s VA seminar but I have not yet done my homework. I will not stop following on Jomar. I may be a slow learner sort of but I have learn many things. For this I would like to thank him.

Gertrudes Armachuelo
Area Manager
Taytay Sa Kauswagan,Inc

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Here's what PM of HP said about Jomar

Through Jomar, I have learnt that the true important things in life are FAMILY and FRIENDS. And that it is really achievable being able to earn enough or more, without sacrificing those important things, through work at home :-)

Technology Consultant

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Here's what Angelo of EliteDresses said about Jomar

Starting out as a VA and Internet Marketer, Jomar has helped by providing me good tips through his daily emails. I've learned a lot and take to heart his tips and techniques. More power to you Jomar! God bless!
Angelo Malabanan
Internet Marketer

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Here's what Ron said about Jomar's Inner Circle Mastermind & VA Seminar

"The internet seems so daunting as the first time you get the understanding of the way it works, but with Jomar Hilario's teachings it has made a lot of complicated things simple.  The way he explains everything in his unique style, it is easy for me to get a good grasp on what I need to pick up.  Jomar doesn't only give you the best knowledge regarding online marketing but he also gives you insights on how you can think and act differently to eventually improve your life.
With Jomar's lessons I am more confident on the subject of Internet Marketing.  I am more confident in creating more money online today than I did before.  Thanks Jomar!"

Ron Mendoza

Monday, August 20, 2012

Here's what Fatima said about Jomar's OMC & VA Seminar

It opened my eyes to possible internet marketing.

Fatima Bargas
Online Tutor

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Here's what Lydia said about Jomar's OMC & VA Seminar

"How has Jomar Hilario helped me...? Let me count the ways...

1. He taught me how to make a blog
       - a blog that is visited
       - a blog that looks good
       - a blog that earns through ads
2. He helped me find my ""emotional why"" so that I may consistently strive to work hard, improve my self, and add value to myself so that I may be able to offer value to others
3. He helped me find good books to read that really matters
4. He helped me find my writing voice
5. He taught me how to make great tutorials - from which I learn a lot myself just by going through the process
6. He helps me be a better person so that I may be able to reach my goals
     - discover/define my interests and passions
     - define my goals and purposes
     - inspires me with quotes and true stories
7. He taught me SEO

I honestly believe that with Jomar, I can realize my goals as long as I do the work required and follow his teachings. "

Lydia A. Agustin
Feed Plant Manager
Rizal Poultry & Livestock Assn., Inc.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Here's what Nonieta said about Jomar's Online Mentoring Club

"I've been an OFW from Taiwan for six years and lately been in Romania for almost two years when I happened to dropped-by at Jomar Hilario's page through The Kerygma Family.  I found a new hope then that it's not possible anymore for me to go home and be with my family worry-free where to get something for them to eat and support all their needs, because as a breadwinner, I really need to find means for them even to the extent of sacrificing my own happiness.  My one year in Romania really made me so miserable both at work and family, as my mother suffered from aging and different health problems.  I wanted to go home then but I can't due to financial difficulties, and also worried what to do next and where to get for my family's needs, especially for my sickly mother.
When I begun following Jomar Hilario's page, the hope and the world grows bigger and better for me everyday. But before I made decisions in going home, I really prayed hard for it, asking God to do His will for me and trusting in His goodness and kindness to come at the very best decision ever.
It's then that I decided finally to go home breaching my contract and registering from Jomar's OMC2 class last December 2011.  I came home last January this year and started his lessons.  And I believed It's God's will and way for me to stop all my struggles and sacrifices being an OFW and be with my family at last for the rest of my life.
Though I'm not earning from his lessons yet until this day, the hope is growing more and more everyday following his lessons and learning more from him each day slowly but surely and with the highest faith that I will excel financially someday in God's perfect time that I may also give more to others as well.  I know God is guiding me everyday because He showed me many miracles and blessings, He has given me the work and little business that could sustain our daily needs, and at the same time have the little resources to invest monthly in stock market mentored by Bo Sanchez.
I'm so grateful to have Bo Sanchez and Jomar Hilario as my perfect mentors in gradually achieving my dreams..never losing hope and never giving-up in reaching and doing something big, helping also others to become a better and hopeful person, never ceases in serving God, tithing, and giving something to the needy in whatever means you have.  I've never been so happy and trusting like what I am more worries but trust everything that God can make all things possible in His perfect time.  and with the help and support also of my mentors, nothing is impossible indeed.  KUDOS to Bro. Bo and Jomar, you're a special blessing to us!!

May God continue to bless you in your works.  ""To God Be The Glory!!"""

Nonieta Fernandez
marketing assistant, direct seller
Herbalife, Surelife etc..

Friday, August 17, 2012

Here's what Jones said about Jomar's Marketing Insider & Inner Circle Mastermind

"The lessons that he gives may be overwhelming to those who are unprepared and unclear about what they want.  He came in to my life (again!) at the right time, hence his lessons resonate and I can relate easily.

He constantly updates his lessons to make it at par with the advances in technology.  This I appreciate since once you become a member of the OMC, you are a member for life, it keeps me updated.

As I listen to his webinars and materials, the more I am achieving clarity on what I want to accomplish.  He presents the real picture, both the good and bad sides of the biz.  We are so blessed to have a Filipino mentor on online marketing!"

jones Mancilla
sr specialist
govt ofc

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Here's what Millicent said about Jomar's Online Mentoring Club

He has helped me open my mind regarding ways to work from home, which I am then able to share to my friends & patients.

UST Hospital

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Here's what Louis said about Jomar's Online Mentoring Club

"With Jomar's lessons in OMC1 I was able to establish my stock investing blog and gain some insights on what to write about, how to write it, and how to spread it.

Today my blog,,  is now PR2 or 3 and viewed about 120K plus. It still a long way till I am able to sell many e-books someday and probably have a personal finance mentoring program online but ist on the works now.

I am also able to spread my advocacy for Pinoys to be financially aware. I may not have contributed a great impact but I believe that I am contributing to it and for me that is satisfying."

Louis Delos Angeles
MD Wholesale

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Here's what Marilou said about Jomar

Jomar is really generous in sharing his ideas to help his fellow "kababayans" gain knowledge especially on working from home and on a lot of business matters! Way to go Jomar! And thank you so much once again.

Medical Technologist
Carlinville Area Hospital

Monday, August 13, 2012

Here's what Joy of Metrobank said about Jomar's OMC & VA Seminar

"Jomar has helped to ""remember"" my dreams and once again claim it. He opened my mind in possibilities that I had always searched for. I was a member of the Truly Rich Club by Bo Sanchez and because of this club I was always excited on how to start on something I love. When Bo endorsed Jomar to me, through his e-mail, I thought that this is the ""break"" that I have been waiting for.

I have always wanted to conquer the ""online market"". Jomar has helped me realize that is very possible to do it.

I plan on making my own online shop, where I could sell ""girly"" stuff. Also I am in the process of learning to be a makeup artist (since makeup is my passion) so I am planning to make another website for that. I know there are a lot of possibilities out there and a lot of abundance waiting for me. I am thankful to Jomar that through his guidance, (e-mails, OMC2, webinars and seminars) every dream I dream is possible. I am also thankful for this contest for giving me a chance to thank Jomar Hilario."

Joy Collado
Accounting Assistant

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Here's what Grace said about Jomar's Online Mentoring Club

Sir Jomar help me to understand how to work as a VA. Guide you in the right way in a very simple way. Plus you got a lot of knowledge when you join in his FREE webinar which is my favorite.

Grace Salandanan
online seller 
Glam N Fab

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Here's what Susan of DBP said about Jomar's VA Seminar

Jomar introduced me to the world of Internet Marketing. He has also given me insights home-based work.

Systems Analyst

Friday, August 10, 2012

Here's what Xy-za said about Jomar's OMC and VA Seminar

"Jomar helped me package me as an expert differently. Where in I was packaged according to my skill set and interest. He helped my boosting my self confidence to project to clients that I am an expert in social media and training.

I have been applying to different Work from Home jobs since I started, but by just following what he taught us made magic to my portfolio, where in I was hired 7 days after i submitted my assignments in the va seminar.

Now I have 2 good paying clients and 3 job offers waiting for my reply , and I am extremely happy. Because before I met Jomar, I couldn't land on any other  job.

Thanks Jomar!"

Charmaine Xy-Za Yape
Social Media Manager
Cruisemiles and Butterfly Networking

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Here's what Vicky said about Jomar's Online Mentoring Club

Jomar Hilario, a respected name endorsed by linkages from  Bo Sanchez, likewise, a favorite preacher & writer, has introduced me to a lot of new beginnings. His endearing way of ending an alert or communication, even though it may just be a template, is by itself inspirational. It leads us ' to live a marvelous life!'.

Reading through his encouraging ideas, he taught me that there is life even after office work, even after retirement, or right when one starts being complacent thinking past those active days when one had a significant career or say position in a job.

It blew me off practically.  Jomar's ideas opened my eyes to new horizons. That there is more to life.  His thoughts made me realize that I need to make a life and not just be contented having made a living in the past.  Now that Im on my first year of retirement (though I don't look like a greying forgetful retiree as yet), Jomar's writings encouraged me that I can still make it.  And make it big --depending on how courageous and diligent I am.

I'm happy having discovered that I can still live a significant life. Most of all that by working at home, I can do the best things I wanted all along --like writing which I did not have the time to pursue before having been busy leading a boring  'corporate life'.

Convincing other folks like me to contribute to life; giving some sparks or blazes; lighting up a thought, an advocacy, to warm up others to join you in what you believe must be done, to right a wrong, to highlight a good deed, to pinpoint a little injustice..

All these from simple words, from simple folks with a big heart who share their blessings to others. Most of all, getting these all from Bo and Jomar and the rest of them who are kindhearted, there is no place for doubts, distrust and fear or anxiety.  Cheers!!! May your tribe increase.

Victoria F. Ababon
Accountant & Writer
self-employed now

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Here's what Ma Theresa of FMSBC said about the OMC and VA Seminar

"Jomar helped me understand teckie things. I now understand what  a browser is, what are tools etc. I really enjoy doing my assignment as VA though it's kinda difficult for me but I am enjoying doing it slowly....

I'm hoping that one day I will be proud to say that I am really a VA....:-)

Thanks Jomar"


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Here's what Argel of Indra said about the Internet Marketing Workshop

"Sir Jomar helped me realize the income potential of the Internet (Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Online Jobs, Creating my own products) and he has been so generous in terms of letting me volunteer and become part of his events team.

Aside from that, I also picked up valuable information with regards to life and prosperity.

Thanks sir!"

Argel Tiburcio Freelance
IT Consultant

Monday, August 6, 2012

Here's what Neder said about Jomar's VA Seminar

Jomar has been a channel of blessing to me and my family. I got redundiated from my previous company and decided to apply for jobs online. I attended Jomar's seminar and that paved the way for me to land a job in Odesk as a customer service representative. Great opportunity for me as a mother. I can now look after my kids and bond with them. Kudos to you Jomar for being a great inspiration!

Neder Rhine Lozada
Live Chat Representative

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Here's what Monalisa said about the VA and Deep Internet Secrets Seminar

Jomar helped me to expand - in mindset, ventures, online strategies. Through his passion in what he does, he encouraged me to do the same. I made a major decision of not pursuing 8hour office jobs so I can take better control of my time learning &earning thru online business &gigs, be an awesome parent &so I can be available to do other wonderful things. I'm not there yet &have too much to learn but Jomar helped me set the sail that I like. Maraming salamat po:)

Monalisa C Palacio
freelance biologist/writer

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Here's what Susette of BETP said about Jomar

"Mr. Hilario has been sending me very useful information on social media marketing through emails.  His insights on technology trends have opened my mind to the various opportunities that internet marketing could offer.  I truly appreciate his selfess way of sharing valuable information to the virtual community.  May he continue being a blessing to people like me who find his email messages very useful."


Friday, August 3, 2012

Here's what Maricel said about Jomar

I get information on the latest in the world of Internet marketing.

Maricel Cuerdo

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Here's what Gerard said about Jomar's Online Mentoring Club

JH has taught me that the internet can also be a source of overflowing passive income which is available to anyone who has internet access, burning passion, focus, diligence and PATIENCE.

Gerard Ramoncito Sta. Juana

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Here's what Kristine of Oui Clothing said about Jomar

"Though I haven't actually joined any of the seminars offered by Jomar ( I've been meaning to) yet, I always read the emails sent to my inbox almost daily. Every email i read inspires me to be better in what I do. Heck, reading them was actually one of the factors that pushed me to quit my job and start my own online business.(, my temporary site) I was also encouraged to post more often in my blog, SAMANTHINKS.BLOGSPOT.COM . I really find the tips and stories helpful especially at times when I feel like giving up. Whenever I feel down and hopeless with my business, an email comes in with a story that lifts me up and I'm back on my feet again. I really hope to attend seminars in the future and get to know other followers of Jomar."

Kristine Samantha A. Malaki
Oui Clothing. Lifestyle

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