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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Virtual Assistant Seminar review by Mindy

Hi Jomar,
In the beginning it was hot but I liked the intimacy of a small group. It is easier to make friends. As usual your lessons were simple and straight to the point. Very "idiot" friendly hehehe. I enjoyed your class. Didn't feel sleepy and most of all, I learnt a lot. I am serious about being a VA. I just hope I am able to do your assignment. I just have to use this week to fix my internet connection before I can get down to doing your assignment to us. I hope you will be happy with my output as well. More power and thank you so much for your generosity and openness. God bless.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Virtual Assistant Seminar review by Marjorie

Hi Jomar.

My sister and I attended your VA seminar last Saturday.
I attended because I wanted to find ways of working from home.

I had doubts when we got to the venue because it seemed that the seminar lacked planning --> the room was so small and the aircon was not working.

However, I forgot about all of these after 10 minutes into the program. I thought it was a very good orientation for someone like me who knew nothing about being a VA. It was good that the upside and downside of being a VA was discussed, as well as the potential situations a VA must deal with and how these must be handled. I certainly learned a lot in that afternoon and I appreciate that you answered all of our queries, especially since I asked plenty of questions. I also appreciate the "mind-set" stuff that you injected into the workshop. It was a truly enriching afternoon.

I look forward to attending your internet marketing workshop and I do hope you will do one before year 2010 ends. Please?

Best regards,

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Virtual Assistant Seminar review by Joann


This is my review for the VA seminar held last Sept 18, 2010

Time schedule
The seminar did not start on time but I think everything was covered. No overtime. Jomar was able to manage the time.
Location Map/Venue
My sister and I had a problem with the location map. We made one wrong turn. We missed some road signs. But thank God, we were able to reach the place. And wow, the place is so nice.
I didn’t expect a small room for the seminar but it did not matter in the end because I felt that the group became more intimate as far as the group discussions are concerned.
Jomar also explained the reason behind the small room issue.
The room was well lighted and well ventilated. For some, it’s very comfy because they are occupying the sofa.
Topic Discussion
I was able to get a good grasp of what a VA is, what he does and does not. I also appreciate the tips Jomar shared to make VA life not complicated especially for one who is just starting (like me).
Jomar is very accommodating to the questions thrown to him and answered them the best way he can. He is a very lively speaker. He encourages.
One-man-team seminar
Attendance was not taken.
Jomar also explained the reason behind why his supposed assistant did not make it to the seminar.
Eventhough he is alone, the seminar went well.
Snacks was good.

The seminar (for me) was really very helpful. And I want to make it useful (positive mindset).

Thanks and God Bless,
Jo Ann

Virtual Assistant Seminar review by Mannix

Hello Jomar,

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

The VA Seminar was really helpful... you taught us the basics of how to
be a true Virtual Assistant capable of working at home or even by just
going to internet cafes, and earning way ahead more than an entry level
employee would earn. I also learned how to deliver such presentation,
"it's just like telling a good story to your audience."

I thought that the venue would be the same with the previous workshop,
that was on the 1st floor of the clubhouse. But when I arrived and found you
on the 2nd floor, I appreciated it much because it was a bit less formal,
just like innocent preschoolers listening to wonderful stories of their teacher.
I hoped that the aircon was working but later on I managed to filter the heat from
reaching my mind because I insisted that what I was learning from you is more important.

The break time was awesome, with snacks that happened to be one of my
favorites: Yellow Cab Pizza!

The question and answer portion during the break, while munching on the pizza, added
more interactivity during the seminar.

I also appreciate how one of the participants, who is already a VA herself,
shared her story and gave additional tips and information. Testimonials really
add spice to seminars because people love to listen to stories. A 5-10 minute
testimonial will do.

I totally agree with what you said: "Time is more important than money."

I am glad to interact with 2 of my fellow attendees, JP Castro and JR Alcala.
They are now my new real friends.

I'm happier that there was a group picture taking at the end of the seminar.
Indeed, it's the people you meet during seminars that is more essential.

I hope to have copies of the pictures also... and the bonuses as well.

Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Keep smiling and see you again,


Virtual Assistant Seminar Review from Marie

Hi Jomar,

Thank you for your insightful Manila VA seminar last Sept. 18, 2010.

Here's my review on that event:

I am your virtual assistant

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Virtual Assistant Seminar Review from Marie

I have been an employee for four years and I have always been looking for ways to earn extra income because the harsh reality of living from paycheck to paycheck can be quite tough. My online research years back showed several income opportunities on the internet however, I was disappointed to learn that some are scams that would either ask you to pay for registration or would install spywares on your computer. That is why when I learned about Jomar Hilario's VA Seminar, I immediately registered because I know that the speaker is very credible and I was excited to know how I could start working as a virtual assistant even just for part-time. I learned a lot from the seminar not only on the technicalities on how to know and prepare to be a virtual assistant but also on how a positive outlook changes lives. I am thankful that I was given the opportunity to listen to such an encouraging speaker and to have met new people during the event. This seminar has opened my eyes to the various resources on the internet that could allow us to earn even in the comforts of our own home. It gave me hope that there are a lot of opportunities online that will allow me to utilize my skills while earning at the same time.

Virtual Assistant Seminar review by Joseph


Here is my link on the review for the seminar.

Be a superstar,


Virtual Assistant Seminar review by Aileen

I stepped into this seminar with an open mind and a notebook. I came out of it bursting with enthusiasm and raring to learn and explore the infinite possibilities that I can acheive as a VA! And thank you, Jomar, for giving us 'bonus' talks and quotes on mind-setting, which I think is the seed that could bear fruit to our success.

Initially, my expectation from the seminar was a very step-by-step, technical presentation on how to start working as a VA. This part did not fully meet my actually exceeded it! I'm glad that your presentation was not what I expected, otherwise, it could have been boring. I am really grateful that your presentation and 'your assignment' actually encourages us to apply 'the big idea' of this whole seminar: DISCIPLINE and DISCOVER.


Virtual Assistant Seminar Review from Bindoy

Virtual Assistant - Earning from home

Last September 18, 2010, My wife and I attended a seminar conducted by none other but Filipinos finest internet guru Jomar Hilario. . . It was the first time I met my Internet Mentor. I was kind of Star struck! It was 6 hours of heaven for me! oooh, by the way, we extended up to 7pm. Jomar was so gracious to stretch his valuable time for us! For the last 2 months now I have been learning Online Internet Marketing. So far, I am like a baby, learning the steps. . . I hope my mind does not move ahead with my actions. I have to learn the basics. Virtual Assistant is one of the branches Internet Marketing does. If you are familiar with being a Personal Assistant does, its practically almost the same. . . Minus some or maybe More than what you can think of . . .

Physically Angry Bosses
Office Clothes
Early Morning Shift
Mid Shift
Graveyard Shift(what other kinds of Shift do you know of?)
Privacy from other office mates
Free Canteen food
and the list goes on. . .

Earning more than you can normally have from an typical Employer - Employee work. . . and earning with still acting normal as going to work everyday. minus the list above.

There are two things I want to share with you regarding the seminar. Without spilling so much of what our Net Master gave us. . . for sure when you come to know who Jomar really is, you'll want to be with this guy all the time! From his mindset to his passion! He's really a great guy to be with.

2 things:

1. VA is having an Entreprenueral Mind. I gained so much from the seminar that led me to my goal of maintaining an attitude of Entrepreneurship. Your wondering why, entrepreneur, isn't Assistant was used with the word?
2. VA is one way of increasing yourself with knowledge, ability, skill and still having better relationship with love ones! because you see them all the time!

I hope soon I'll be able to use the learnings here and set up my own VA business and continue the dream! you can too!

Rock with GOD!!!
Romans 1:16

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Here's an unbiased workshop review from Anya

Hi Kuya Jomar! I hope this message finds you well, I'm not sure if you got the written review I sent. Anyway, here goes my written review:

Review for Sept.3-4,2010 Workshop

I am one of the fortunate facilitators of the workshop because one of the perks is getting a 50% discount on the workshop fee. Facilitators still the e-files and other bonuses given to all participants. It's not even hard to facilitate because we only had to assist the participants with the steps given on the handouts. And yes! There is a Step-by-Step Handout given to each participant and facilitator. So even if you forgot what has been taught, you still can do it at home!

I had so much fun in the workshop. The steps are so easy to follow even for newbies like me! I also met new friends and have discovered all the more other opportunities to expand passive income! Everyone in the workshop has the same goal and it's a great event to be in. I'm just frustrated that there is a need for a 5-month old existing blog to be approved by AdSense.

For me, the workshop will definitely be a big step in helping people realize the possibility of achieving the seemingly impossible goals in life. It's a great eye-opener.

Just a few more things to improve on the workshop:
* Facilitators would be able to follow better if they had the hardcopy of the updated handouts during the workshop
* Improve on the flow of the workshop (the second day of the workshop was better as more participants were able to follow through) by lessening the number of steps to be executed by the participants; the participants were able to pick up faster and follow better because there weren't too many number of steps to go through right after the demo

To conclude, it was a great and successful event that is worth every cent that each one paid for!

Cheers to more IMW's!


Virtual Assistant Seminar review by Queenie

Hi Jomar,

Here's a paragraph from the blog post I created to review the seminar.

First and foremost, like most successful coaches Jomar teaches the proper mindset on being a professional virtual assistant. Even if I have been doing it already, I still learned more on what websites, skills and programs that I will need to study as a VA. He also provided vital information on how to negotiate or justify your "rate" (how much you'll receive or want to receive as VA), and how to bill your clients properly if your pay is delayed. It was a fun class, and Jomar was very patient in giving very detailed explanations when you ask him a question.

Here's the link to my blog post:

Thanks so much for all your help and I'm looking forward to receive the pdf file copy of the training. More power!

Virtual Assistant Seminar review by Gail

Jomar has been very precise in teaching and sharing his VA works as well as hiring professional and non-professional VAs. He has everyone enagaged and has kept the interest of everyone. All-in-all the seminar gave me more insights about the "VA" world more friends and networks gained. Sure thing...VA world be ready for the new professional trained VAs! ;))))

Best regards,


Monday, September 20, 2010

Virtual Assistant Seminar review by Adam


This is ia Adam
I attended the VA seminar last September 18, 2010.

This is my review:

Virtual Assistant Seminar review by Jerome

Ho Jomar,

The day's session was great. The topics were presented clearly and is quite easy to follow. You covered the topics well and it was worth every peso of it and so much more.

I am sure that with the very very affordable price you offer for the seminar, you can go along way of helping people not only with their livelihood but their family lives as well.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mark shares how got $1000+/mo as a Virtual Assistant who works from home (audio)

Mark shares how he become a Virtual Assistant who works from home (audio only). There's a video version of this which will be available later.

If you didn't catch it. Mark has 2 clients, each giving him around $700/month. Compute for total. He earn this from home.  Of course this is NOT TYPICAL but find out the attitude that Mark has that gave him this great deal in life.

Here's the video:

Join in the Live Sept 18,2010 Manila Seminar (click here) to find out if you're cut out for this "work at home" virtual assistant thing. Or if you're abroad, gain access to a previously recorded event via the ONLINE SEMINAR version of the same event (click here).

Monday, September 13, 2010

Here's an unbiased workshop review from Ellen

3 Reasons Why I had Second Thoughts About You

Dear Jomar,

The truth is, when I saw you during Bo's Financial Coaching Program, I had serious doubts about your workshop. But it was fated that I had already signed up and paid the course way before that, otherwise I probably wouldn't have.


First, because you look so darn young...before you gloat, let me add that I was sitting quite far and I didn't have my glasses (sorry to burst your bubble!) Second is, you talk too fast for me.

And then you sent us the homework. That's where I got the third reason --- you're too strict! You kept on reiterating that if we couldn't do this or that, then send somebody else because the workshop is not for us...or something to that effect.

All these of course changed when I saw you in action at the workshop. You still look young, talks too fast, and pretty strict but I totally respect and value the lessons I've learned from you. Your tips are priceless! So all in all, you are worth it!

A few things I noted that could be improved for next time, for your consideration:
1) Know your audience mixture
: are they all beginners, or moderately or highly knowledgeable in computers/internet --- what's the mixture like? This way, you'd know if you really do need to tell them how to cut and paste and how many times do you need to emphasize this.
2) Make sure your handouts are updated!
3) An outline of your workshop would provide the attendees a better understanding on what to expect during the course so we can prepare too our questions, and we would have an idea how much we have covered during the workshop.

All in all, the workshop was a success, and something that I would recommend to my friends.


Best regards,

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Here's an unbiased workshop review from Dexter

Hi Jomar,

Here are some of my observations/review for the 03-04 Sept Internet Marketing Workshop:

1. The computer shop/venue is very accessible,
but the computers sometimes hang/slow down.
2. The assistants/facilitators
a) Many are very helpful, they know what to do, I' AM THANKFUL TO THEM.
b) A few don't know what to do if the participants ask them.
3. The PM portion of the 2nd day was fast, some/many are having difficulty to follow.
4. Over all it was a good workshop
I learned so many things like:
Jim Rohn, Earl Nightingale - MENTORS / VERY IMPORTANT
keyboard shortcuts, page rank, keywords, traffic
Blogs, Adsense, Adwords, Estimated CPC,
Rules on keywords, competitors
Multiple Streams of Income using the Internet
Autoresponders, How to promote online etc.

Thank you very much for sharing to us your knowledge & sharing to us the PLAN/WORKSHOP

Best regards,

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Here's an unbiased workshop review from Sha

Hi Jomar,

Here's my written review:

I attended Jomar Hilario's Internet Marketing Seminar last Sep 3-4, 2010 as a facilitator. I had so much fun! I was fascinated at how great internet marketing is without necesssarily getting overwhelmed because his teachings are very easy to follow!

On the first day, he taught us about the basics of blogging and how you can earn from it. On the second day, he taught us how to sell online. Whew! If I could only focus more on internet marketing, this could already take me out of the rat race.

The seminar exceeded my expectations in many ways! First, there were so many digital bonuses. The bonuses alone are worth more than what I paid for for the seminar. Second, the food was flowing in abundance -- we had morning and afternoon snacks, lunch on day one and day two plus dinner treat from Jomar on day two. Third, Jomar was such a cool guy. He was so energetic, cheerful, and passionate about what he is doing. Fourth, the seminar is full of surprises. Okay, I won't spoil the surprise. hehe!

If you want to learn an alternative way of earning money, I highly recommend that you attend the seminar.

P.S. After the seminar, I got so excited to apply the lessons I learned that I started to create new blogs. Here they are:

Here's my original blog which I haven't updated for quite some time.

P.S 2
I was surprised to see that I actually earned USD5.0 from google adsense out of my old blog Had I not attended the seminar, I wouldn't even know how to check my earnings. hehe!

Cheers and more power!

Sha N.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Here's an unbiased workshop review from May M.


Just wanna share my views about out the internet marketing seminar held at GenEx in Farmers Plaza Lat Sept . 3-4, 2010

Jomar's approach to the seminar is really fun ( and funny i may say). There's no boring moment in the entire duration of the seminar. He's a straight forward kind of guy ( that initially scares me haha ) answering questions directly to the point and will tell you exactly the do's and dont's . He will patiently guide you step by step and get through with it successfully.
What made an impact to me is his sharing about his dreams and how important dreams are. I know everyone of us in that seminar made him as an inspiration to reach for our dreams also.

May God bless you Jomar for being so generous and sharing your knowledge about internet marketing. Thank you so much! I had more than my money's worth =)

Internent Marketing attendee

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Here's an unbiased workshop review from Justin

"Hi everyone, I'm Justin and I'm one of the facilitators at the Hand-on Internet Marketing Workshop of Jomar Hilario this Sept.3 and 4 at Genex. All I can say is that it was truly a great workshop to learn all the things you need to know about online marketing. Jomar had done it well that even people who do not have the background on blogging and selling online can really learn it well. One thing I could suggest though is that the workshop to be at least 3 days or more because its quite an info overload for some participants in giving all the information in just two days BUT overall, it was truly a great workshop and a great learning experience."


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Here's an unbiased workshop review from Kathy

I will admit, I was a bit skeptical at first when I heard about Jomar’s Internet Marketing course. I have recently left the corporate world for good and was looking for something that I can do that I can enjoy and earn from at the same time. Internet marketing has caught my interest and I have been researching about this for a while now. I have encountered a lot of ads on the internet promoting e-books that guarantee to make you rich, promising fantastic returns that were too good to be true. But upon reading Jomar’s website ( on his internet marketing course, I immediately sensed that this was different. He outlined the course content and what the participants can expect and they sounded reasonable and doable. Besides, this was a Pinoy who was conducting the seminar. So I decided to try it out. And boy am I glad I did.

Jomar’s seminar was very informative to say the least. I have had my share of seminars during my corporate stint, and this is one of a few that get A-marks from me. Jomar’s seminar was a goldmine of really useful information. And the style with which he conducted it was one that would make you listen and watch with anticipation for more. He used simple words, in fact he avoided any technical terms, which, true to his word on his website, could be understood by anyone. It didn’t seem like he was teaching you but just conversing with you, infusing the lectures with personal anecdotes that injected an air of sincerity to it. My kind of seminar. And he shared with us a lot of useful tips, something that I don’t think you would find in any other seminars or e-books on internet marketing. And as he gave these tips, you sense an air of genuineness that he really wants you to succeed. The course materials that you take home are very comprehensive; and they come with bonus freebies that you can take home and even sell online. A goldmine indeed.
The facilitators were also very helpful and attentive and would be at your beck and call whenever there is something you don’t understand or need guidance with. Another bonus – the food was good too.

A little suggestion though – maybe you can have one or two days spacing between the 2 day sessions to give participants time to absorb the day’s lessons as it can be overwhelming. Other than that it was worth every peso that I paid for; and more. Kudos to you Jomar!

Workshop Participant

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Here's an unbiased workshop review from Erwin


This is my review of Jomar's Internet Marketing Workshop.

To start things off, I'd like to mention the things I liked about it:

- The facility. I like how accessible the venue is, with lots of parking. There's fast internet, with nice well maintained computers. This means a lot since it helps when I follow the workshop flow.

- The amenities. I loved the food (Superbowl and Pizzahut so far). Again, this means a lot especially when you're cooped up in the workshop. A nice meal goes a long way.

- The internet cafe is roomy and spacious. Not as cramped as some other shops would be.

- For the seminar content itself, I appreciate it for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, its put in a format that I could easily understand. I'm not trained as an IT person, but I could find myself following the sequence of lessons quite easily.

Second, I like how the seminar is structured. The lessons build upon each other quite nicely. Logical flow is followed.

Third, Jomar is a good speaker. Love how he sprinkles the seminar with personal stories to emphasize the points, how he places segways and how he relentlessly involves the audience by asking questions and waiting for answers (even if there are sporadic dips in participation)

Fourth, I appreciate the fact that they let us get a copy of the presentation so I could review the lessons at home. To be honest, there is a vast amount of topics covered during the seminar and I can't say that I absorbed all of it within the given time frame. Its comforting to know that I have backup handouts to remind me when I need them.

I've appreciated how much Jomar has shared with us, and as a way of returning the favor, I'll list down a few things which could be improved within the seminar to make it better for the next participants:

- The cloth used for the presentation contributed to the diminished visibility of the projected image. Suggestion: There are affordable projector screens available at CD-R king. I saw them yesterday, might want to check them out. Benefit: Better visibility, more professional feel to the workshop.

- The Instructions given before the seminar.
a) The format was a bit confusing to follow. To make it easier, use bigger fonts and separate the parts with bigger spaces, or better yet, put it on the following page.

b) I noticed that Yahoo Messenger was used during the workshop. But if I remember correctly, it wasn't specified in the instructions that participants should open or have one. Please include this in future versions of the pre-seminar instructions.

c) Include a printable checklist at the last portion and have them note their user names and passwords with it for easy access. This makes sure that 1) Your participants all have the needed accounts and 2) No lost usernames and passwords during the workshop:


Did you:
__ - Open a Paypal account? (Write user name and password here)
__ - Open a Yola account? (Write user name and password here)
... and so forth for all workshop requirements.

- Netmeeting - Kindly place an instruction for participants to press "alt-enter" to enter into full screen mode. I noticed that some participants had to scroll around at times.\

- Sequence. The current seminar setup is like this:
Jomar Explains and shows presentation
Neenah demos
Participants do it after

I think it would be better this way:
Jomar explains...
Participants do it with Neenah.

Its hard to do the steps alone because the steps are sometimes overwhelming. Its best to do it WITH everybody else IMHO.

That's it, I hope that these comments help out.

With appreciation,


Monday, September 6, 2010

Here's an unbiased workshop review from Michelle F

This online internet marketing workshop answered all my questions about how to make money on the web! I even have take home materials that I can review from time to time and use to walk me through the process. I am now ready to promote my products online and start blogging about various ideas that REALLY matter. I highly recommend that you sign up for Jomar Hilario's Online Marketing Workshop. You'll be glad you did!

Michelle F.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

This is my blog for this week!

Google is giving weird messages that my old blog "" -w/c is using BLOGGER as hosting or backend --contained something called "malware". But that's like a pot calling itself black because Google owns, my blog is in their computers. That's like saying "Jomar, our computers have malware (bad programs), hence your website is no good."  

I've already checked Google WebMaster Tools and it said that my blog doesn't have any MALWARE at all. Of course there isn't any -- it's inside BLOGSPOT.

This is very weird considering I just celebrated's 11th anniversary last week.  Is this a case of someone doing some "cyber attacks on my online stuff"? Give it up. I'm a geek and I love backups. You totally have no hope of doing any kind of thing against me. Remember I'm backed by the world's largest force and you are no match against Him.  LOL.

Here's a lesson for anybody reading this. Online businesses like mine aren't dependent on a WEBSITE, not even on several websites.  How can you attack anything that's spread out throughout the entire planet w/o affecting the rest of the planet? You simply can't.

Join Jomar and Learn Live!