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Manila VA Seminar :How to Work From Home as a Virtual Assistant Seminar

Manila: you too can learn how to Work From Home as a Virtual Assistant!

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For once in your life, do you want to actually see some money coming out
from your salary, and not just going into office related expenses like rent,
dining out and fare? 

Have you been dreaming of keeping your kids nearby as you work from home?

Are you worried what the yayas might be doing to them while you're

away for most of the day?

Are you ready to say goodbye to traffic, smog and sweaty fx/bus mates?

Are you happy to wake up a little bit later because to "go to work",

you just have to turn on the computer?

Are you willing to still to GOOD WORK but for less time?

Are you wishing that you can earn in Dollars/Euros/etc and spend in Pesos?

Are you sick of Office Politics and want to "strike it out" on your
own, but are afraid to?

Well these dreams just might come true, if you qualify to be a Virtual

Assistant (VA) who works from home!

Are you happy to spend more time with friends than with commuting?

Find out - the inner workings and qualifications from someone who's
trained, hired (and fired) VAs.

Plus : After you "graduate" from this course, your details will be
submitted to my local/foreign contacts who are in need of VA services!

This Virtual Assistant Seminar is the Initial Training for VAs:

a. You'll know the requirements so you can be considered a good
"candidate" to be a VA (physical, mental, skills, etc)
b. Websites and Skills and Programs you need to study because you'll
need them as a VA
c. You'll know exactly what I tell my VAs to do, so you'll know the
how easy or complex it is.
d. How to communicate properly with your offsite client (this is the
most critical skill and attitude as a VA).
e. How to negotiate or justify your "rate" (how much you'll receive or
want to receive as VA).
f.  What two buttons on the keyboard will become your best friend as a VA
g. The correct daily attitude towards your virtual boss to ensure
smooth work flow and happiness for both of you.
h. How to make a SHINY and effective resume for VA employment.
i.  Common misconceptions regarding VAs
j.  Personal positive and negative realizations of existing VAs
(people I've worked with)
k. How to cope with the eventual overwhelm if it happens (work load)
l.  You'll find out how I started in this VA business (as a boss and trainer)
m. At the end of the session you'll be given a long assignment.
Fulfill that within  TWO MONTHS of the training and your resume will be submitted to people looking for VA's here or abroad.

Note: Again this is NOT a technical course. If I discussed ALL
programs in STEP BY STEP fashion, it will take more than a month
non-stop. This is the introductory course that you can build on. If
you can investigate how to use (for example, SKYPE) a program on your
own, then you're going to be fine as a VA. However if you need more
training --more training programs (session 2 and 3) are coming up.

No hiring guarantees, just training.
1. Yes, there's no guarantee that you'll be hired in the end.  That's
based on the NEEDS of the employer and your ATTITUDE and SKILLS.
2. Yes, this is exactly like any other work opportunity.
3. My role is to give you an EDGE over any other applicants and allow you
to just be a VA to one employer and still be happily working at home
-- while earning what you want.
4. Your name will only be submitted to my contacts after attending any
event and doing the assignments. However, you must know that if
employers are looking for experience, it's much better you pass
through the X day online training first before applying.

Free Listing
You pay nothing to have your name/resume submitted to them. Of course
I wil l no longer have control if they opt to reply or not.

See you soon at the:

"How You Can Work From Home as A Virtual Assistant" Seminar
Saturday, Sept 18,2010 Rosewood Pointe, Taguig City
1pm - 6pm. Snacks included
How to go to Rosewood:
Regular Fee: P 2,375 (Online Mentoring Club members get your P 1000 discount here)
Walk In Rate : Pay on Sept 18,2010 is P 2,950

*Bonus: If you have kids who want to SWIM, bring them along (with a yaya/companion). As long as they have proper swim wear - they can use the heated pool while you're in the seminar.
*Bonus: There's also a playground nearby, a convenience store, a cafe and free wifi  (erratic availablility)

Or simply deposit the corresponding amount to:
BPI Savings bank account 3216-3898-62 name Jose Mario R Hilario.
Corinthian Plaza Branch, Makati City

Then email your depository branch, name, amount
and date of deposit. Allow 2-3 days for checking and confirmation

Jomar has had 5 years experience training, hiring and firing
experienced and unexperienced Filipino VAs in the Philippines from the
Philippines, now he's spilling to you what happened in those 5

See you on Sat, Sept 18,2010 to learn how to become a VA.
Pay via credit card here.

Join Jomar and Learn Live!