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Sunday, September 5, 2010

This is my blog for this week!

Google is giving weird messages that my old blog "" -w/c is using BLOGGER as hosting or backend --contained something called "malware". But that's like a pot calling itself black because Google owns, my blog is in their computers. That's like saying "Jomar, our computers have malware (bad programs), hence your website is no good."  

I've already checked Google WebMaster Tools and it said that my blog doesn't have any MALWARE at all. Of course there isn't any -- it's inside BLOGSPOT.

This is very weird considering I just celebrated's 11th anniversary last week.  Is this a case of someone doing some "cyber attacks on my online stuff"? Give it up. I'm a geek and I love backups. You totally have no hope of doing any kind of thing against me. Remember I'm backed by the world's largest force and you are no match against Him.  LOL.

Here's a lesson for anybody reading this. Online businesses like mine aren't dependent on a WEBSITE, not even on several websites.  How can you attack anything that's spread out throughout the entire planet w/o affecting the rest of the planet? You simply can't.

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