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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Here's an unbiased workshop review from Anya

Hi Kuya Jomar! I hope this message finds you well, I'm not sure if you got the written review I sent. Anyway, here goes my written review:

Review for Sept.3-4,2010 Workshop

I am one of the fortunate facilitators of the workshop because one of the perks is getting a 50% discount on the workshop fee. Facilitators still the e-files and other bonuses given to all participants. It's not even hard to facilitate because we only had to assist the participants with the steps given on the handouts. And yes! There is a Step-by-Step Handout given to each participant and facilitator. So even if you forgot what has been taught, you still can do it at home!

I had so much fun in the workshop. The steps are so easy to follow even for newbies like me! I also met new friends and have discovered all the more other opportunities to expand passive income! Everyone in the workshop has the same goal and it's a great event to be in. I'm just frustrated that there is a need for a 5-month old existing blog to be approved by AdSense.

For me, the workshop will definitely be a big step in helping people realize the possibility of achieving the seemingly impossible goals in life. It's a great eye-opener.

Just a few more things to improve on the workshop:
* Facilitators would be able to follow better if they had the hardcopy of the updated handouts during the workshop
* Improve on the flow of the workshop (the second day of the workshop was better as more participants were able to follow through) by lessening the number of steps to be executed by the participants; the participants were able to pick up faster and follow better because there weren't too many number of steps to go through right after the demo

To conclude, it was a great and successful event that is worth every cent that each one paid for!

Cheers to more IMW's!


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