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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Here's an unbiased workshop review from Erwin


This is my review of Jomar's Internet Marketing Workshop.

To start things off, I'd like to mention the things I liked about it:

- The facility. I like how accessible the venue is, with lots of parking. There's fast internet, with nice well maintained computers. This means a lot since it helps when I follow the workshop flow.

- The amenities. I loved the food (Superbowl and Pizzahut so far). Again, this means a lot especially when you're cooped up in the workshop. A nice meal goes a long way.

- The internet cafe is roomy and spacious. Not as cramped as some other shops would be.

- For the seminar content itself, I appreciate it for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, its put in a format that I could easily understand. I'm not trained as an IT person, but I could find myself following the sequence of lessons quite easily.

Second, I like how the seminar is structured. The lessons build upon each other quite nicely. Logical flow is followed.

Third, Jomar is a good speaker. Love how he sprinkles the seminar with personal stories to emphasize the points, how he places segways and how he relentlessly involves the audience by asking questions and waiting for answers (even if there are sporadic dips in participation)

Fourth, I appreciate the fact that they let us get a copy of the presentation so I could review the lessons at home. To be honest, there is a vast amount of topics covered during the seminar and I can't say that I absorbed all of it within the given time frame. Its comforting to know that I have backup handouts to remind me when I need them.

I've appreciated how much Jomar has shared with us, and as a way of returning the favor, I'll list down a few things which could be improved within the seminar to make it better for the next participants:

- The cloth used for the presentation contributed to the diminished visibility of the projected image. Suggestion: There are affordable projector screens available at CD-R king. I saw them yesterday, might want to check them out. Benefit: Better visibility, more professional feel to the workshop.

- The Instructions given before the seminar.
a) The format was a bit confusing to follow. To make it easier, use bigger fonts and separate the parts with bigger spaces, or better yet, put it on the following page.

b) I noticed that Yahoo Messenger was used during the workshop. But if I remember correctly, it wasn't specified in the instructions that participants should open or have one. Please include this in future versions of the pre-seminar instructions.

c) Include a printable checklist at the last portion and have them note their user names and passwords with it for easy access. This makes sure that 1) Your participants all have the needed accounts and 2) No lost usernames and passwords during the workshop:


Did you:
__ - Open a Paypal account? (Write user name and password here)
__ - Open a Yola account? (Write user name and password here)
... and so forth for all workshop requirements.

- Netmeeting - Kindly place an instruction for participants to press "alt-enter" to enter into full screen mode. I noticed that some participants had to scroll around at times.\

- Sequence. The current seminar setup is like this:
Jomar Explains and shows presentation
Neenah demos
Participants do it after

I think it would be better this way:
Jomar explains...
Participants do it with Neenah.

Its hard to do the steps alone because the steps are sometimes overwhelming. Its best to do it WITH everybody else IMHO.

That's it, I hope that these comments help out.

With appreciation,


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