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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Virtual Assistant Seminar review by Mannix

Hello Jomar,

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

The VA Seminar was really helpful... you taught us the basics of how to
be a true Virtual Assistant capable of working at home or even by just
going to internet cafes, and earning way ahead more than an entry level
employee would earn. I also learned how to deliver such presentation,
"it's just like telling a good story to your audience."

I thought that the venue would be the same with the previous workshop,
that was on the 1st floor of the clubhouse. But when I arrived and found you
on the 2nd floor, I appreciated it much because it was a bit less formal,
just like innocent preschoolers listening to wonderful stories of their teacher.
I hoped that the aircon was working but later on I managed to filter the heat from
reaching my mind because I insisted that what I was learning from you is more important.

The break time was awesome, with snacks that happened to be one of my
favorites: Yellow Cab Pizza!

The question and answer portion during the break, while munching on the pizza, added
more interactivity during the seminar.

I also appreciate how one of the participants, who is already a VA herself,
shared her story and gave additional tips and information. Testimonials really
add spice to seminars because people love to listen to stories. A 5-10 minute
testimonial will do.

I totally agree with what you said: "Time is more important than money."

I am glad to interact with 2 of my fellow attendees, JP Castro and JR Alcala.
They are now my new real friends.

I'm happier that there was a group picture taking at the end of the seminar.
Indeed, it's the people you meet during seminars that is more essential.

I hope to have copies of the pictures also... and the bonuses as well.

Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Keep smiling and see you again,



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