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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Here's an unbiased workshop review from Sha

Hi Jomar,

Here's my written review:

I attended Jomar Hilario's Internet Marketing Seminar last Sep 3-4, 2010 as a facilitator. I had so much fun! I was fascinated at how great internet marketing is without necesssarily getting overwhelmed because his teachings are very easy to follow!

On the first day, he taught us about the basics of blogging and how you can earn from it. On the second day, he taught us how to sell online. Whew! If I could only focus more on internet marketing, this could already take me out of the rat race.

The seminar exceeded my expectations in many ways! First, there were so many digital bonuses. The bonuses alone are worth more than what I paid for for the seminar. Second, the food was flowing in abundance -- we had morning and afternoon snacks, lunch on day one and day two plus dinner treat from Jomar on day two. Third, Jomar was such a cool guy. He was so energetic, cheerful, and passionate about what he is doing. Fourth, the seminar is full of surprises. Okay, I won't spoil the surprise. hehe!

If you want to learn an alternative way of earning money, I highly recommend that you attend the seminar.

P.S. After the seminar, I got so excited to apply the lessons I learned that I started to create new blogs. Here they are:

Here's my original blog which I haven't updated for quite some time.

P.S 2
I was surprised to see that I actually earned USD5.0 from google adsense out of my old blog Had I not attended the seminar, I wouldn't even know how to check my earnings. hehe!

Cheers and more power!

Sha N.

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