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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Virtual Assistant Seminar review by Joann


This is my review for the VA seminar held last Sept 18, 2010

Time schedule
The seminar did not start on time but I think everything was covered. No overtime. Jomar was able to manage the time.
Location Map/Venue
My sister and I had a problem with the location map. We made one wrong turn. We missed some road signs. But thank God, we were able to reach the place. And wow, the place is so nice.
I didn’t expect a small room for the seminar but it did not matter in the end because I felt that the group became more intimate as far as the group discussions are concerned.
Jomar also explained the reason behind the small room issue.
The room was well lighted and well ventilated. For some, it’s very comfy because they are occupying the sofa.
Topic Discussion
I was able to get a good grasp of what a VA is, what he does and does not. I also appreciate the tips Jomar shared to make VA life not complicated especially for one who is just starting (like me).
Jomar is very accommodating to the questions thrown to him and answered them the best way he can. He is a very lively speaker. He encourages.
One-man-team seminar
Attendance was not taken.
Jomar also explained the reason behind why his supposed assistant did not make it to the seminar.
Eventhough he is alone, the seminar went well.
Snacks was good.

The seminar (for me) was really very helpful. And I want to make it useful (positive mindset).

Thanks and God Bless,
Jo Ann


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