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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Here's an unbiased workshop review from Min Gab

Hi, Jomar!

Thanks again for the workshop and here's my review:

It was very packed with your first-hand internet marketing experience, including how you started and all. That was good because it made success appear more accessible to us. It was really a hands-on workshop and I appreciate that because we had a chance to start practicing the lessons there.

I've started setting up blogs patterned after the one we made in the workshop. Unfortunately though, deleted three (yes, 3) of them because of "malicious javascript" and one for "spam". I don't really know what the "malicious javascript" is all about. On the other hand, the "spam" content I think is due to my inexperienced use of keywords. You gave us a warning about spam but I guess I'll learn to fine tune along the way. And, as you said, the bigger the mistake, the greater the learning! (I would prefer though not to succeed in having more blogs deleted, ha ha!). Can't wait to make use of those great bonuses you gave us, by the way!

With regard to logistics, there were just some areas in the venue where the lights were too warm and uncomfortable. Food was more than enough and all the staff were very accommodating. Just an observation for facilitators: some were also just learning on those two days and so they were not really able to help in answering queries. It was a great opportunity you gave them though!

I actually wrote a longer feedback in my still existing blog if you want to read it.
Minnie G

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