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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Virtual Assistant Seminar review by Aileen

I stepped into this seminar with an open mind and a notebook. I came out of it bursting with enthusiasm and raring to learn and explore the infinite possibilities that I can acheive as a VA! And thank you, Jomar, for giving us 'bonus' talks and quotes on mind-setting, which I think is the seed that could bear fruit to our success.

Initially, my expectation from the seminar was a very step-by-step, technical presentation on how to start working as a VA. This part did not fully meet my actually exceeded it! I'm glad that your presentation was not what I expected, otherwise, it could have been boring. I am really grateful that your presentation and 'your assignment' actually encourages us to apply 'the big idea' of this whole seminar: DISCIPLINE and DISCOVER.


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