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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Here's an unbiased workshop review from Ramon Fernandez

Hi Bro. Jomar,

This is what I think of the workshop that we just recently finished.
  1. The venue was awfully hot. Room temp was not conducive to learning. I felt very uncomfortable, especially rushing in from outside. But anyway, this is from my own opinion.
  2. There is something missing from the food menu. It could have been a free flowing coffee sessions on both 2 days. Even just the 3-in-1 type of coffee was already acceptable. I needed caffeine to wake me up during the unholy hours of the afternoon. I wish I brought my own.
  3. Technicalities could have been minimized. My PC kept logging off from the net-meeting session. It was hard for me to catch up every time my seatmate would ask questions from me.
Please accept my apologies if this was sent only now. I got so busy over the weekend. I already drafted this but still needed to fill in the closing phrase/remarks.
Anyway, I could always send you my comments. I know you won't be reading them anyway, well at least your assistants will.
Thank you and God bless!
Bro. Mon Fernandez
(Also a Feast attendee)

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