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Monday, May 3, 2010

Here's an unbiased workshop review from Robert Louie Vitug

Hi Everyone,

Here is my story.

I found out about the Internet Marketing Workshop when I received an email from my mother who was is a fan of Bo Sanchez.
Honestly at first I see the price, I said it was expensive, since I am investing my last savings from my previous work. During this Internet Marketing Workshop I am already at my 5th month, where I do not have any income streams.

That point of view changed when attended the April 30 - May 1, 2010 Internet Marketing Workshop.

1. We were really seating in front of our computer workstation. (They situated their seminar on a computer shop)
2. We had delicious meals for lunch. Day 1, we had Super Bowl Beef Brocolli. Day 2, we had 2 pcs Chicken Joy
3. The Presentation is very easy to follow. Since, it was very easy to follow, we were very hard to discipline not to go ahead of the current discussion of Jomar. (Thank you for the Patience Jomar)
4. We also had a simple Yoga break from Jomar.
5. We acquired new friends. I am hoping also to befriend the Expert Jomar Hilario.
6. Personally, I found out a lot of cheap to free things on the Internet, which can make you earn in dollars.

Internet Marketing Workshop is a great investment for all aspiring Multi-Millionaires out there.

Here is my line for this Workshop:

Do not hesitate, Dedicate!

Best Regards,
Louie Vitug

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