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Monday, May 17, 2010

Here's an unbiased workshop review from Ella

Greetings of Peace!

I attended your Internet Marketing Seminar that started yesterday. I would like to send you a personal note to say thank you for your generosity of sharing your knowledge to better other peoples lives. May God bless you a hundred fold for the generosity of your spirit.

I do intend to be a member of your online club but unfortunately no enough funds as of yet. With God's grace I do hope I can find a way to be able to be a member. I am very much interested to join because I intend to be of help to Perosns with Disabilities. I've been praying and finding ways of how to effectively help market the Music Therapy Services my mother gives to PWD's to subsidize the services of the marginalized members of society, the poorest of the poor. How I wish I could get this as a birthday present this May... Wishful thinking... Hopefully, I do get the chance to purchase your Ipod package too.

I regret I was not able to approach you after the seminar to offer our services to print your business call card. (I was in a rush to catch the 6:00 pm mass at St. Jospeh.) By the way, were you serious about that? I work in a printing press and doing Photography on the side. Sad to say the computer age somewhat slowed the production of the press to the point of extending our services to Video and Photo Coverage. After attending your seminar, I am hopeful that I can make the business thrive in this time of computer age. I do hope I can redesign our system to make things work effectively.

Once again I commend the generosity of your Spirit. May God bless you a hundred fold. May your Tribe increase.

More power! May God continuously bless you and your family...

Best regards,


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