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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Here's an unbiased workshop review from Gladys Villasenor

Jomar Hilario's 2-day workshop is INDEED WORTH IT!!!!

I consider myself a newbie, or rather an "ignorant" when it comes to blogging, online selling, etc.

After attending this workshop, it opened a lot of windows and doors in receiving a passive income. You just have to really use and apply each and every step he taught. One thing I truly appreciate is his generosity in giving tips and tricks. As he always say in his workshop, he is giving away his secrets, that other internet gurus don't give, for us (his students) to avoid mistakes that he have encountered. His workshop is a "personalized" one and no "dull moment" at all!

I just have one negative comment -- the facilitators. Although they were accommodating and helpful, they were also "noisy" as they were chatting during the lecture. I hope the facilitators will be considerate enough to the participants who are focused in listening to your lectures.

Generally, a two thumbs-up for you, Maestro Jomar!!!! Continue to inspire and bless others.

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