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Monday, April 12, 2010

Here's an unbiased workshop review from Mannix de Duque

Hello Jomar,

Thank you very much for conducting a very interactive Advanced Internet Marketing Workshop last March 27.

I internalized much of your discussions with the help of the engaging activities that you prepared.

With those activities, I agree that you can really call it a WORKshop... a very fruitful one.
(by the way, the background music are Great! they reinforce the learning experience)

Yes there's work on it but it was fun, as I learned not only from you but also from my fellow participants.

I met new wonderful friends, who are very positive in life and business-minded like me.

You really attract the right people Jomar, and I'm also glad to meet them through your workshops.

I wish that you would also provide us with the names and even email addresses of our fellow participants,
so that we could also collaborate with each other.

The value of the ideas and lessons you taught us really exceeded my expectations.

The bonus video that we watched inspired me and urged me to reflect more on my life and what I can possibly do more.

I appreciate learning from you how to quickly make my very own digital product.

Those shortcuts are stunning! and the results are just awesome...

I practiced one of the many stuffs I learned from this workshop
(the one liners, on slideshare that I also learned from you),
it can be found here:

You gave us a sip of your copywriting tips, how I wish you would give more of them, maybe through another workshop.
In my opinion, this is one skill-set that every internet marketer should master.
Hopefully, I can start with the bonus software that you'll be giving... wow, so many bonuses.

Because of this workshop, I gained moRE confidence and belief that I can actually create my very own digital product.

Last but not the least, I went home motivated and filled with fresh new life tips that you taught us.
I always expect these whenever I attend your workshops.

By the way, before I forget... the food and snacks you shared that Saturday - - - DELI.CIOUS!

Jomar, you are really, truly, indeed a great blessing to others, especially to me...

Thank you to the nth power!

Mannix de Duque /

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