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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Here's an unbiased workshop review from Emily Pang

Hi Sir Jomar,

I was probably the last one to sign up for the workshop. I was
hesitant because I was not sure if the seminar will be worth the money
I paid for. I also have no knowledge about what I am getting into
like what the topic is all about ( I mean, internet marketing is very
broad ) although I do have some knowledge about the internet. I
signed up the day before the workshop and the assignment was sent to
me that night. ( not beckie's fault, in fact I think she rushed it for
me and hoped I will at least have the night to review). It was only in
the morning before the workshop that I was able to read my email and I
was really alarmed because I was not ready! In fact I was nervous on
the first day pero I told myself bahala na.

The first day I was really “nangangapa” and aside from that I am not
into blogging! So I thought that I probably made the wrong decision
signing up. However, the next day was a bit better than the first
kahit na i still was not 100% ready.

I just finished doing the assignment yesterday (LOL). And will start
reviewing the usb and the workbook today. The assignment was really
great - if only I had the time to read it before the workshop. And
because of this I am looking forward to understanding the usb and the
workbook even more.

Here are my comments:

1. I wish that the people who are going to attend the future
workshops will be informed that there will be an assignment and that
they need to sign up at least 3 days before the workshop so that they
will be ready for the event. The reason I signed up late was that I
had some worries but prayed that if there is still some slot for me on
the last day, then it is god’s will that I go. ( blaming god, ha !

2. I wish to thank the facilitators for being friendly and patient
and so willing to help.
Please let them know that I really appreciate their support.

3. the assignment that was given is really good – assignment pa lang
yon ha! It is really easy to follow kahit na I am slow at doing it.
Sayang I did not sign up earlier so I can be ready for the workshop.

4. I will start reviewing today. Like what you said in the workshop,
we need to practice practice practice to get the most out of the

Your workshop is lively and very informative. It opened my eyes to
the boundless opportunities that the internet is offering. i will
try to put into practice what I had learned. I know there will be
people like you who will be there to support me all the way.

I agree with you. It is the positive attitude and the perseverance
that really counts. It is having a goal and working towards that goal.

Thank you,

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