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Monday, April 12, 2010

Here's an unbiased workshop review from Marvin Cruz

Hi Jomar, I am sending you my review of the AIMS workshop I attended last saturday March 27 at Rosewood Pointe. My understanding is that I will be able to receive from you a copy of the Sales Letter Generator and other bonuses.


I attended the AIMS Workshop of Jomar Hilario last Saturday - March 27, 2010 at the Rosewood Pointe Conference Room. It was my first time attending a J.Hilario seminar and come in with a lot of expectations and i must admit a healthy dose of skepticism. I was hoping that J.Hilario would be able to deliver on his promise with the Workshop's Advertisement Online. As someone who has considered and attended several seminars/ workshops I found online - I have learned that it was always prudent to be a bit of a skeptic in dealing with information found on the Internet.

I arrived early at Rosewood Pointe and was immediately impressed with the facilities. This residential enclave was quite stunning. The conference room was situated at the Clubhouse of Rosewood and the big lounging pool was quite inviting with its sparkling blue water. A lot of the residents were having a great time in the pool and a lot more were lounging in the clubhouse.

I was at least half an hour early so I was the first one to arrive. Wanted to secure parking space as J.Hilario mentioned in his email that parking was limited. I was able to get a good parking slot just besided the clubhose. Eventually other attendees showed up and by the time that we were starting - the conference room was filled to capacity.

The seminar proper itself was quite intriguing - J.Hilario was a relaxed but quite an engaging speaker. He speaks plainly and straight to the point. No mumbo jumbo words or trying to be articulate for articulateness' sake. In other words - he talks sensibly so as not to was the attendees time. So I had to be very attentive to what he was saying so that I can catch all the nuggets of wisdom he was spouting. I had my laptop open and my OneNote program was quickly filling up with one liner notes about the tip he was giving out from time to time.

He made sure that everyone was being attentive but at the same time did not baby or spoonfeed the attendees. He made us think - think about the subject matter, think about what we should say and do. This was a very interactive and participatory seminar that I attended. In my corporate experience, such expertise in conducting workshops are the domain of expert practitioners who also charge quite expensively for their seminars. Compared to what J.Hilario charged for this seminar - i would say that the fees was very affordable and quite worth it considering the quality and quantity of the information we received from him on that day.

I probably got 2 or 3 gems of information that I would consider very very valuable pieces of information that i would probably have taken a long time to find out for myself or if at all. Those things by themselves was well worth the price of admission.

Another key takeaway for me is that J.Hilario made me realize, actually all us participants, im sure - is that we all had unique content that we can use to produce our own digital products. His style of teaching this was very very subtle - he has us to through the process to show us that its neither difficult nor impossible to achieve.

He succeeded in giving us substantial information and content to take home and work with and at the same time gave us something to think about and challenged our view on how to go about in pursuing our own Internet Based Business.

I definitely would recommend his workshops to people who are looking to find valuable and actionable information about doing business on the Internet.

Marvin Cruz

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