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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Here's an unbiased workshop review from Jaclyn Go

Hello Sir Jomar,

this is Jaclyn. here is my honest feedback on the workshop/seminar:

1.) its more of a mushy stuff ( as you said so that we will understand what is the reason or passion why we are doing the online marketing). Its really unexpected (quite opposite to the title, it should have been "to know oneself hehe" coz the title of the seminar was "online marketing" so i thought the seminar was all about the online, guiding us step by step on how to apply google adsense ( lolz that is the reason why I join the seminar coz i still cannot figure it out the google adsense). I know you have sent me your 3months free coaching thru email and i have to review those link again if there is a print screen regarding the google adsense since you have mention that you have that in your online classroom that would guide through a step by step and that means I have to register and pay the $16K+ with another partner (which I am still trying to save the money for that and still trying to look for another member who is also interested to join in until apr. 23,10).

2.)thanks for the tip on how to make your blog, on how to get more client..i will work that out.

3.) i have fun, yes, your seminar is not have alot of interesting topic not about internet marketing (technical stuff) more on the mentor, the ppl you met who are also on that field of internet marketing, ur experience and i am sure i am not the only one but im sure alot of us hearing your testimony leaving us awestruck and amaze on how you did it. yes,the start is the challenging part on where to begin..hope in time, we can figure it out where to start. I would like to have a list of those mentor on the slide (you click to fast hehe, i was not able to write down those names in my notebook) i'm interested to buy their books, listen and learn more on what they can teach me.

yes, i agree that the more mentor you have the more you reach your goal and dreams. honestly, i have forgotten those dreams and goal - it makes me aware again, make me think again and reminds me and make me dream again on why I am working so hard :D (its interesting, fun and unique to have a vision board by tearing the magazine out lol, never thought of that one).. also it makes my brain think and ask what do I love? fear? etc..even though its mushy and even though i came there to learn about on the online marketing..somehow, its make me re-think and make me aware if my life is at the right track and also if my life is aligned to what is important ...thank you, its really one of a kind :D

P.s I am still trying to figure out where to start , most of all google adsense..i did check a website called the pay per click such as

Swagbucks, freebiejeebies, crashcrates (regarding pay per click but somehow its swag and free- does not accept phil coz of fraud, they only accept US, uk and canada)..anyway, i will just stick to google adsense and surf around the ning and Squidoo

kindly pls. sent those slides and any of the bonuses and also i have a question is the 1000 ways to be a fan part of the P2775 or i have to enroll the P16k+ in order to get that?

I look forward to hear from was really nice meeting you:) ..God bless!

Jaclyn (the VA)

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