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Friday, August 10, 2012

Here's what Xy-za said about Jomar's OMC and VA Seminar

"Jomar helped me package me as an expert differently. Where in I was packaged according to my skill set and interest. He helped my boosting my self confidence to project to clients that I am an expert in social media and training.

I have been applying to different Work from Home jobs since I started, but by just following what he taught us made magic to my portfolio, where in I was hired 7 days after i submitted my assignments in the va seminar.

Now I have 2 good paying clients and 3 job offers waiting for my reply , and I am extremely happy. Because before I met Jomar, I couldn't land on any other  job.

Thanks Jomar!"

Charmaine Xy-Za Yape
Social Media Manager
Cruisemiles and Butterfly Networking

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