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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Here's what Nonieta said about Jomar's Online Mentoring Club

"I've been an OFW from Taiwan for six years and lately been in Romania for almost two years when I happened to dropped-by at Jomar Hilario's page through The Kerygma Family.  I found a new hope then that it's not possible anymore for me to go home and be with my family worry-free where to get something for them to eat and support all their needs, because as a breadwinner, I really need to find means for them even to the extent of sacrificing my own happiness.  My one year in Romania really made me so miserable both at work and family, as my mother suffered from aging and different health problems.  I wanted to go home then but I can't due to financial difficulties, and also worried what to do next and where to get for my family's needs, especially for my sickly mother.
When I begun following Jomar Hilario's page, the hope and the world grows bigger and better for me everyday. But before I made decisions in going home, I really prayed hard for it, asking God to do His will for me and trusting in His goodness and kindness to come at the very best decision ever.
It's then that I decided finally to go home breaching my contract and registering from Jomar's OMC2 class last December 2011.  I came home last January this year and started his lessons.  And I believed It's God's will and way for me to stop all my struggles and sacrifices being an OFW and be with my family at last for the rest of my life.
Though I'm not earning from his lessons yet until this day, the hope is growing more and more everyday following his lessons and learning more from him each day slowly but surely and with the highest faith that I will excel financially someday in God's perfect time that I may also give more to others as well.  I know God is guiding me everyday because He showed me many miracles and blessings, He has given me the work and little business that could sustain our daily needs, and at the same time have the little resources to invest monthly in stock market mentored by Bo Sanchez.
I'm so grateful to have Bo Sanchez and Jomar Hilario as my perfect mentors in gradually achieving my dreams..never losing hope and never giving-up in reaching and doing something big, helping also others to become a better and hopeful person, never ceases in serving God, tithing, and giving something to the needy in whatever means you have.  I've never been so happy and trusting like what I am more worries but trust everything that God can make all things possible in His perfect time.  and with the help and support also of my mentors, nothing is impossible indeed.  KUDOS to Bro. Bo and Jomar, you're a special blessing to us!!

May God continue to bless you in your works.  ""To God Be The Glory!!"""

Nonieta Fernandez
marketing assistant, direct seller
Herbalife, Surelife etc..

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