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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Here's what Lydia said about Jomar's OMC & VA Seminar

"How has Jomar Hilario helped me...? Let me count the ways...

1. He taught me how to make a blog
       - a blog that is visited
       - a blog that looks good
       - a blog that earns through ads
2. He helped me find my ""emotional why"" so that I may consistently strive to work hard, improve my self, and add value to myself so that I may be able to offer value to others
3. He helped me find good books to read that really matters
4. He helped me find my writing voice
5. He taught me how to make great tutorials - from which I learn a lot myself just by going through the process
6. He helps me be a better person so that I may be able to reach my goals
     - discover/define my interests and passions
     - define my goals and purposes
     - inspires me with quotes and true stories
7. He taught me SEO

I honestly believe that with Jomar, I can realize my goals as long as I do the work required and follow his teachings. "

Lydia A. Agustin
Feed Plant Manager
Rizal Poultry & Livestock Assn., Inc.

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