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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Here's what Kristine of Oui Clothing said about Jomar

"Though I haven't actually joined any of the seminars offered by Jomar ( I've been meaning to) yet, I always read the emails sent to my inbox almost daily. Every email i read inspires me to be better in what I do. Heck, reading them was actually one of the factors that pushed me to quit my job and start my own online business.(, my temporary site) I was also encouraged to post more often in my blog, SAMANTHINKS.BLOGSPOT.COM . I really find the tips and stories helpful especially at times when I feel like giving up. Whenever I feel down and hopeless with my business, an email comes in with a story that lifts me up and I'm back on my feet again. I really hope to attend seminars in the future and get to know other followers of Jomar."

Kristine Samantha A. Malaki
Oui Clothing. Lifestyle

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