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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Here's what Vicky said about Jomar's Online Mentoring Club

Jomar Hilario, a respected name endorsed by linkages from  Bo Sanchez, likewise, a favorite preacher & writer, has introduced me to a lot of new beginnings. His endearing way of ending an alert or communication, even though it may just be a template, is by itself inspirational. It leads us ' to live a marvelous life!'.

Reading through his encouraging ideas, he taught me that there is life even after office work, even after retirement, or right when one starts being complacent thinking past those active days when one had a significant career or say position in a job.

It blew me off practically.  Jomar's ideas opened my eyes to new horizons. That there is more to life.  His thoughts made me realize that I need to make a life and not just be contented having made a living in the past.  Now that Im on my first year of retirement (though I don't look like a greying forgetful retiree as yet), Jomar's writings encouraged me that I can still make it.  And make it big --depending on how courageous and diligent I am.

I'm happy having discovered that I can still live a significant life. Most of all that by working at home, I can do the best things I wanted all along --like writing which I did not have the time to pursue before having been busy leading a boring  'corporate life'.

Convincing other folks like me to contribute to life; giving some sparks or blazes; lighting up a thought, an advocacy, to warm up others to join you in what you believe must be done, to right a wrong, to highlight a good deed, to pinpoint a little injustice..

All these from simple words, from simple folks with a big heart who share their blessings to others. Most of all, getting these all from Bo and Jomar and the rest of them who are kindhearted, there is no place for doubts, distrust and fear or anxiety.  Cheers!!! May your tribe increase.

Victoria F. Ababon
Accountant & Writer
self-employed now

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