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Monday, December 31, 2012

Here's what Rommel said about the Breakthrough, Deep Internet Secrets, & VA Seminars

"Jomar has helped open my eyes on the many ways of earning through the internet. He thought me the proper way to blog, autoresponders, putting ads (adsense, etc) and the secrets to finding what you want on the internet. I learned what skills to develop to become a VA and validated what gurus have been shouting about: Pursue your passion and the money will follow.  And how to detect scams online (this should be learned by everybody not only VAs and online marketers but anybody using the internet).

His teachings also helped me in my job as an all around tech guy in our office such as searching hard to find subjects on the internet (outdated device drivers, manuals and applications)

I'm proud to say that I have imparted some of what I learned to my nephew who has dropped-out from college not knowing what to do with his life.  He is now earning around P20k as a VA for an Australian businessman as a Website manager.  Not bad for a college drop-out."

Rommel Salvador Kapunan
Computer Operator
Philippine Ports Authority


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this internet marketing workshop have helped me a lot.

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