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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Here's what Ma Concepcion said about Jomar's seminars

Since I'm a single mother, I was looking for a way to work from home. Then an email from Bro. Bo Sanchez suggests Jomar Hilario's Work From Home Seminar which got me into thinking if I better attend this one or not. Then I finally decided to attend the seminar and do all the assignments that were assigned to us. I didn't actually find a work from home right away because I still have my full time regular job and was not able to focus on it alone. But when I got retrenched from my job, I finally decided to look for a work from home until I finally have my first gig which I still have right now. Jomar opened my eyes that it is really possible to work from home. Many Filipinos do not know this (including me - before) and I believe that there are still many people  we can help. Now, I have more time spending with my daughter and doing many other things that I love such as having part-time businesses. Now I can even travel anytime and anywhere I want as long as there is an internet. And I don't have to file a vacation leave just to do these things. Thanks Jomar!

Maria Concepcion S. Zabala
Virtual Assistant
Total Activation

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