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Monday, September 17, 2012

Here's what Felix said about Jomar's seminars

"Jomar Hilario created in me the desire to continue to live a productive life again.

i am 62 now, and before i met Jomar in his seminars, i think there is not much for me to live for, just going through the motions of old age, and allowing a boring retirement to finish me off.

in his seminars and FB groups, Jomar gave me a new pair of goggles to look through my murky waters, giving me hope to make my retirement a lively trek to heaven.

Jomar made me realize, through the JH seminars i attended and his FB groups i have joined, that i have so many new things to learn which can give me back the productive life i lost after retirement.

Thanks Jomar! God bless you and your work!"

Felix Padua
Real Estate Salesman
self employed

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