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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Here's what Maurie said about Jomar's seminars

"Sir Jomar has helped me open the doors of opportunities for me. I believed that his mentoring, advises through online strategies he's been e-mailing were answers to my questions. I had been looking for ways on how to work from home. Curious on how working at home really is. My husband been wanting me to quit my routinary job by all means so i could give "US" quality time together. I was wondering on how to be productive even just staying at home and getting away with daily commutes and race against time so i won't be tardy at work. I think i have found the answers through Jomar and all i have to do is start acting on it and study the assignments, focus and start to befriend the computer and the soft wares attached to it and do something out of it to earn. The books he recommended are inspiring helping you to come out of your shell and be productive. I pray for abundance soon, so i could give more...more time to my loved ones, more blessings not just for me and my family but to others in need. I want to be a blessing to others just like Sir Jomar! Godspeed!"

Maurie Jo d. Cabrera
Area Manager

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