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Friday, July 27, 2012

Here's what Joshua said about Jomar's VA Seminar and OMC

"I am now working full time as a web content writer, and the salary is comparable to my previous 'offline' job. Thanks to his tips and lessons. The VA seminar (which I downloaded for a fee) helped me to know what to expect from becoming a VA. Before, I just thought that those are just scams, but after watching the seminar, I became more confident and pushed through. When I realized that I can really do it, I quit my offline job and just after 30 days, I became a full time content writer. Yes I am now earning money from home. Instead of wasting my time inside the jeepney for commuting, I am now using that time to learn more and upgrade my skills. I am now immersing to the different books, audios, and videos Jomar has recommended through his email newsletter and OMC.

I am learning faster than ever before because I have more time to read and expand my knowledge. I am also a member of the OMC, and lately I have been applying the lessons, and truly, it works. It's very important to get the mindset and not just focus on the techie part. About the mindset, wow I am understanding a bit. The techie part is so easy to learn because Sir Jomar is already teaching those stuff in step by step and very easy to understand manner. Now I am getting targeted traffic to my websites. So far I am not a huge success, but I am sure that I am making improvements along the way.

I'll give an update when more breakthroughs are coming on, because it's just nonstop, everyday I am learning something new and the progress seems to go much faster because I have more time to learn and improve myself."

Joshua delos Reyes

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