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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Here's what Aileen said about Jomar

"Mr. Jomar, had given me a lot of ideas, inputs and knowledge about the in and outs of internet marketing.  Before I have no idea about what is Adsense is all about and other tips and tricks in the world wide web.  But by just following Mr. Jomars email series, I got to learn a lot of things which are usually not offered publicly, or if it is available, you need to research a lot in that topic.  By reading on his emails, blogs and so on, I got an idea and I am inspired to read more.  Because of him, I was encouraged to write blogs, and explore how to make money online.  Hopefully, I can also attend his seminar one of these days! Thanks a lot po, Mr. Jomar!"

Aileen Rufo Billones
Marketing Executive
Macina LLC

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