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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Here's an unbiased workshop review from Raymund

Dear Jomar,
You really conducted a full 14-hour teaching of the ins and out in internet marketing. You really gave us more than our money's worth!
Specially, I like most our those extras wherein you suddenly unintentionally blurted out great ideas and worthwhile practical tips in between the formal outlined topics or tasks. I would call them "Pearls" in learning this craft!
You started with inspiring us and, eventually, pushing us to wake up from our deep slumber to realize our most passionate dreams! So, you provided us a darn good reason to pursue this venture religiously after this workshop. Initiating a "mindset" for entrepreneurship was not an easy task to instill within our intellect.
Your before-the-seminar homeworks exceedingly facilitated your instruction to expedite everyone's hands-on chores.
I know you taught us to be silent about your added bonuses. Forgive me! I believe I need to mention these surprises.
To end up your workshop with a free dinner in a nearby decent resto with you as our host was really enticing. Japanese food was really luscious. But, what's more valuable was spending your precious moment with us to answer casually more direct personalized inquiries concerning each one's strategic business plans. And, of course, we get to know each other better. A great fellowship night to conclude this event!
Thanks! Now, the time for my hobby, internet-surfing, turned out to be very productive. Earning while enjoying!



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