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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Here's what Roldan of EagleWings said about Jomar

"I'm  not used to believing so much stuff coming from the internet, considering the influx of scams here and there clinging like barnacles in every stuff you do in the internet.

One solid evidence that make me believe that Jomar is really the man in the internet are the testimonies thrown to him. You won't get much positive feedback with considerable Filipinos skeptical about online money making things.

Secondly, Jomar has changed my course of thinking economically and financially. He helped me think that these things are possible:

• You don't need to be an OFW to earn dollars.
• You can actually let dollars come knocking into your door, instead of you going abroad chasing for dollars.
• It's much possible to earn without working at a competitive and stressful corporate life.
• You can earn with less/without working - the power of passive income through the internet.
• You can work at home and earn more than what you've been earning at the corporate/job platform.
• Find new perspective in using the internet. Typically, most Filipinos see internet as a social site not as a source of income site.
• And the best showcase of all these, I guess, is when you manage your own time, work at your own space and pace and be with your loved ones anytime you want and anytime they need you.

Jomar has been so instrumental in tuning my thought to a new way of earning in life.

Jomar, may you stay as you are while improving your skills and love for helping Filipinos.

Kudos and God bless you!"

Graphic/web designer
EagleWings International Corporation

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