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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tenten - product seller - reviews Jomar Hilario's Internet Selling Workshop in the Philippines

Hi.  This is my review regarding the IMW by Mr. Jomar Hilario:

The 2-day Internet Marketing Workshop of Jomar Hilario is a very very good investment. You'll know it already even during the 1st day!

What is best about it is that it is a workshop!  You could apply what you have learned immediately! You don't have to wait, after the discussion of a certain topic, he'll give a demo then participants will have a chance to do it! Each participant has his/her own computer terminal.

What I don't's only for two days!  I want it for at least one week! =)

I have been blogging for some time already before attending his workshop.  But I wasn't earning from it!  After the 1st day, after applying what I have learned,  I immediately saw results from my adsense account!  It is still not that huge...yet, because I'm still a newbie, but relatively, there's a significant change!...not only in the amount of money but on how I do it!  I am talking about the relationship between earning money and the amount of time you spend in front of your PC.  That is, an increase in earnings as to decrease in the amount of time working!

Not only that!  I am now more confident in selling products on the internet!...that's for the 2nd day of the workshop!  I have learned a lot from it as well!  Right now, I have two products that have been already set up, and I should say, "watch out for more of my upcoming products!" =)

Earning semi-passively!

Earning even when you're sleeping!

That's a blessing!

You are a blessing to us Jomar.  Thanks a lot!


Christian 'tenten' Austria

P.S.  This is one of my blogs. Based [of course] on my google adsense account, this is one of my top channels to date,


Honey said...

Excellent review!
Network marketing is relatively inexpensive when compared with the ratio of cost against the reach of the target audience.

Micaela said...

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stacy said...

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