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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ponky, an Auditor's review of the Manila Internet Marketing - Get Semi-Passive Income Workshop by Jomar Hilario

I’m Mary Ann E. Poncardas, Ponky for short. I am an auditor by profession. I have attended sir Jomar’s Internet Marketing Workshop last October 2 and 24, 2009. Here’s my review on the workshop.

Points for improvement

1.)    14 hours are not enough to absorb all the topics. For beginners like me, the topics are overwhelming. There are times when I get lost with the discussion because we have to hurry due to time constraints. Maybe the starting time can be moved earlier.

2.)    I also find the schedule especially Friday a bit of a concern because it’s a working day. Maybe the workshop can be scheduled during weekends.

3.)    Equal or better yet more time should be spent on online selling topics especially on product set-up and the use of sites like paypal, 1shopping cart and yolasite. Discussion on those topics was a bit fast.

4.)    On the venue, I think it’s a little bit noisy and sometimes distracting.

Things worth noting

1.)    The topics are very practical. Everyone can do it even with little computer background.

2.)    The teaching strategy is very effective. First, the topic is discussed. Second, a demo on how to do it is presented and third, the participant s apply it to their individually assigned computer.

3.)    There are enough facilitators who are very accommodating and patient in assisting the participants.( Kudos to you guys, for doing a great job!)

4.)    You’ll really get to listen to an internet marketing expert who’s very generous in sharing what he knows. You’ll never get bored listening to him. He has a funny way of emphasizing important points in his discussion. I bet you all know him. For those who don’t, I’m talking about the internet marketing guru himself sir Jomar Hilario. (Mabuhay ka sir Jom!)

5.)    The workshop also had a short yoga session. I really like the yoga part. Very effective. I’ll gonna do it every morning.

6.)    Materials including the slide presentation are given to the participants. So everything that was discussed in the workshop can be done at home.

In general, I think its a unique workshop. There’s actually a catch, just when you thought you are attending an internet marketing workshop, prepare yourself for a big disappointment because sir Jomar had emphasized  to us from the start that the workshop is all about achieving your dreams  by changing your mindset and using the internet as one of the vehicles in achieving  financial freedom.

For all the things I've experienced during the workshop and for all the things I can do after it, I think its all worth it.:-)

Thank you to the organizers and God bless you all.
Best regards,


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