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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Here's another honest review about the recent Internet Marketing Workshop/Seminar I've conducted:

Hello Jomar,

That seminar was something. It made me realize what a big goldmine we have on the internet. Tools were given to us and all that I could say was WOW!!!

I could give out a lot of other positive things to say, but you're probably not interested in them anymore......

Two things I've noticed though. One was, you do get angry at times. It shows in your tone... Probably something to do with the Filipino crowd... Most of the times, Us filipinos are like that. Well. Its nothing really against you. We're all human and we do have emotions...

Second. I didnt like the part where we have to do the australian account part... It made me feel that we are hacking in a way... Although, I dnt reli see yet the problem yet, with the law in that. However, at this time its probably the only way that we can only get paid in the philippines. I wish somehow we could somehow do it legit. Much like, how u did the Freebies. That was really something..

Overall, I probably had the best seminar for this year. PRICELESS I should say.

Thank you so much for all tips and tricks of the trade. I could safely say that your intentions are pure. You dnt present things in a flowery type of presentation. Just the facts solely based on experience. You're good... You're very very good.

See ya soon....
JA De torres

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