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Friday, July 17, 2009

Manila Internet Marketing Workshop. Jan 29-30.2010

How does 14-16 hours of full HANDS ON TRAINING on how to create semi-passive income on the internet - sound to you?

If you're not in Cebu/CDO/Davao or Manila, try the ONLINE WORKSHOP to help you create that freedom-giving internet income:


Learn how to...
-Setup a business that can replace your day job
-Setup a business that you can sell someday. like real estate
-Setup a 2nd source of income w/o leaving your day job!
-Deal with Virtual Assistants for the first time-effectively!
-No retirement pay? No problem! Online businesses can be
your retirement income!
-Learn how the internet experts are doing it-even if
you're not that good yourself!
-Setup and use autoresponders
-Sell online w/o knowing how to sell personally
-Set things up automatically so it makes money while you
-Find and create products that can make income for you.

For Businesses:
-Learn the techniques Pinoy & International Internet
Marketers have used for years!
-Promote your business -online -ahead of your competitors!
-Follow SEO practices from the beginning --even w/o
realizing it!
-Find out where the LATEST keywords can come from
(nope, it's not overture)
-Discover more about your clients w/o asking them.
-Saturate the internet w/o doing the heavy lifting yourself.

Bo Sanchez presents Jomar Hilario in the ...
The Truly Rich Internet Marketing Hands On Workshop
*with 20,000 pesos worth of bonus products that you can use/sell/giveaway

Email to get your SLOT reserved! Call up Beckie at Tel. (02) 7229562 (Tuesdays-Fridays 9:00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.)

Venue: GENEX, Farmer's Plaza Mall, Cubao, beside the Cubao MRT (Walk in is discouraged due to the large amount of pre-event activities that are done).

Date: Jan 29-30.2010, Friday-Sat,

(Friday: 10:30am-5:30pm, Sat: 10:30am-5:30pm)

See what you can benefit from attending this workshop:

BENEFIT 1: Create a way to make money semi-passively on the internet. Blogging with Adsense with Automatic Writing (note: no writing talent required, minimum time spent per month)

How to....
+- Find popular niches in small markets in seconds!

+- Know what other things your market is interested in
aside from your niche.

+- Name your blog so it appears top in search engines

+- Update your blog regularly, even when you're on
vacation or busy doing other things.

+- Keep your blog relevant/current even if you have
no writing talent.

+- Develop your blog's popularity - both quickly and
slowly you can do both - at the same time!

+- Maximize your blog format for high adsense

+- Track which niche is making money for you.

+- "Decorate" your blog with items that increase it's
earning potential.

+- Do "link love" for maximum popularity (for your blog).

+- Do all the above in the shortest number of steps

+- Make blogs that give only a high amount of income
and ignore those niches that pay comparatively little.

+- Make use of other people's blogs to make yours more

+- Never run out of topics for your blogs.

+- Take charge of your income in blogging - concentrate on
the money earners.

+- Do all of the above ETHICALLY and LEGALLY

What to past participants say?

Vince Golangco


BENEFIT 2: Build an online business complete with customers, products and credit card acceptance!

Create an online store, an online newsletter and a client capture website!

How to....
+- Start an online store with one product only and build up to

+- Set up a site or email that instantly accepts credit cards -
from the Philippines!

+- Capture client's emails in any site/email you create.

+- Create an automated online newsletter

+- Find stuff to put into your newsletter when you have no
writing talent.

+- Create free offers.

+- Use the very system that the Internet Marketing "Bigboys" are using to create their wealth!

+- Close a sale on the internet

+- Use BENEFIT 1 in creating your product - if you don't have

+- Super charge your existing business so you're on top of your client's needs.

+- Fill up your store/venue when you have an event/promo

+- Get ahead in your business using time tested practices
marketing experts use in your own niche!

Jan Hilado

BENEFIT 3: Let everybody in your market know all about you.
Internet Promotion, where to do it, do's and don'ts , do it.

How to....
+- Promote in forums, blogs, social networks, event
calendars, etc.

+- Have the correct mindset so you succeed in promotion

+- Synergize your offline and online promotions for
maximum success utilize offline marketing techniques in
your online promotions

+- Be a business owner- when it comes to promoting your
business or service.

BENEFIT 4: Virtual Assistants: Free up your time in the process. There's so much to do, so little time, What do I do?

How to....
+- Avoid doing all this heavy lifting and get your life back
while earning on the side.

+- Find, qualify and deal with virtual assistants (VA) that do
all the work for you

+- How to create digital products just by dealing with these VAs.

Irene Chua

Experience Bonus 1:
You'll learn all the above without the technical terms and complicated concepts that sometimes cloud understanding. All you'll learn is practical, doable and instantly usable.

Take Home Bonus:
You take home ALL HANDOUTS and PRESENTATIONS so you can apply what you have learned on your own. All presentations are STEP-BY-STEP and even a grandmother can follow them. P.S. Bring a large capacity USB Thumb Drive for the BONUSES. (400MB)

Must be able to create a new email account. This is no joke. If you have no experience in creating an account - you might have a hard time following - and I suggest you bring along someone who is- to guide you! This requirement involves being able to surf, click, right click, drag, high-light, copy and paste. If you're chuckling because you know these things already - or you're sad because you don't --know that we will be spending time -during the event in training you in these basics.

Create a working website that you can use to sell anything.

This level of detail has not been available to others at this price before-till now. The value of this workshop is in excess of P 200,000 - if you attend it in the US.

"Yahoo! I already earned my first $100, after 2 months!" - Dandy, Cebu

"What I liked about the workshop is that the instructions were easy to understand. Anyone with a little bit of basic computer skills will be able to comprehend." Vincent

"(I like the section on) Blogging & adsense...because I don't need to be a good writer to earn semi-passive income."

"What I like most in the workshop is the opportunity to market globally whatever you want to sell. I want to earn as well ." Mike

"Sulit na Sulit!" Judith

This is not a TALKING SEMINAR, but a DOING WORKSHOP. You leave the event with a website you can use to sell any product.

Email to get your SLOT reserved!

Venue: GENEX, Farmer's Plaza Mall, Cubao, beside the Cubao MRT

Date: Jan 29-30.2010, Friday-Sat,

(Friday: 10:30am-5:30pm, Sat: 10:30am-5:30pm)

You only have a few days to decide-there are limited seats! A workshop of THIS level of detail is NOT OFFERED ANYWHERE in the Philippines.

Email to reserve your slot before the the limited # of seats run out. It's Date: Jan 29-30.2010, Friday-Sat 

Yes, it's so good you will say that a day's absence from work will be MORE THAN WORTH IT.

Super Double Guarantee: If you're not able to recover double the fee (P 9750 per person, the special Couples or Business Partners Price is P8750 only per person) to this workshop using what you learned - after one year, we'll refund you plus 1,000 pesos for your trouble!

To avail of this workshop in the US - will cost you P 85,000 - P200,000 - and that's just attendance to a seminar. This workshop is a bargain at P 9750.-!

Email to get details on how to reserve your seat now.

Bo Sanchez presents Jomar Hilario

About the Trainor:
Goal: To Make You Truly Rich
Core gift: Teaching and Training
Passion: Sharing his (Technical) knowledge in the simplest way.
Core skills: Presentation, Internet Technology, Marketing

Recent Achievement: Filled up a 10,000 seat venue in 30 days via online marketing. Yes, how this is done will also be shared in the Internet Marketing Workshop.

P.S1. Each person most likely knows someone else who is passionate about earning online. Please do not close this email until you've sent this opportunity to that person. He or she will be thanking you -richly - very very soon.

Oh yes the P 20,000 worth of bonuses is included in his package. This contains Ebooks that you can sell or give away to attract your customers, specially if you don't have a product. There are also programs you can use in your business as well as Informational Ebooks about Internet Marketing.


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