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Friday, July 24, 2009

Here's another honest review about the recent Internet Marketing Workshop/Seminar I've conducted:


Jomar first of all, my sincerest thanks to you and to all the people behind the seminar,
special mention Ma'am Beckie and Ma'am Pinkie.

Now for the review. First of all, all the good stuff:

1. The lessons, though fast paced, comprehensible thanks to the projector,
the net meeting and the lesson plans in Z:
2. The way you present the lessons, are ambitious, but you have been there
and done that, so that means its attainable.
3. Your persistent asking of the participants to say yes to your questions,
reminded me of Terence Stamp ( YesMan), without hitting us with microphone
when we fail to do so. hehehe
4. In connection with item 1, there are frequent breaks in between and during lessons,
it gives just enough time for some of us to follow on the lesson at hand (and to
go to the rest room nearby)
5. In connection with item 4, the rest room is just close
6. The food is great. Quality the people distributing them are very accomodating.
7. The facilitators on both sides have also been very helpful when we got lost in the
middle of the lesson
8. I think it is but proper to say that its worth the money

Now for the not so good part.

1. If the seminar is worth the money, the rest room nearby, personally, is sort of a rip-off.
10 bucks just to take a leak there? Come on, are you kidding me. I know cleaner
pay toilets that allows the user to piss, produce organic fertilizer (I was about to type
the S-word, but you may not quallify for the freebie due to profanity), or even take a bath
for less than 10 bucks. You can even do all three and it won't even cost more than 10 bucks.
But I guess that is mall management policy.
2. If some participants need to take a leak for free, they have to go the extra distance near KFC
in the entrance (I'm sorry if there are other free toilets nearby that I failed to discover. If there
are they should have been mentioned in the workshop, but I since I saw you in the same pay toilet
I am assuming there are none)

As a whole, it is but fair to say the workshop is praiseworthy.

Many thanks

Kind regards,

Jefferson Z. Vergara

P.S. Hoping to receive the freebie/s on this email. Many thanks and God Bless Jomar

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