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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Here's what Rosa Maria of R4R said about Jomar's OMC2, Internet Marketing Workshop, and VA seminar

"Having attended Jomar Hilario's Internet Hands-on Workshop opened my world to internet marketing, though i have not applied it yet in my personal business, i have valued the simple lessons from him.  It was where i first learned Ctrl-X to delete or cut something, Ctrl-C to copy something, and Ctrl-V to paste it.  With that, my mindset then became learning shortcuts using the keyboard and not to rely on the use of the mouse and opening menus.  Keyboard shortcuts made computing faster and easier, and all those keyboard strokes started with Jomar's Ctrl-V.

Realizing i really had to learn more, i suggested to Jomar if he can teach instead Virtual Assistant so i can learn how to navigate more, be an assistant instead to others, and along the way, help me through my internet-selling-learning process. But alas, he had so many lessons after my 2010 hands-on seminar and it was only last March 17, 2011 that i had the courage to attend his VA seminars.  Well, maybe it was for the best... because back then, there was only Friendster and Yahoo and Google, which i considered more for teens and yuppies not for mothers like me. :D  Right now, lessons from VA, or rather, assignments-to-do, have taught me a lot of things i wanted to do... make movies, google video-chat, etc.  Had they not been assignments with deadlines, i would not have given the time to learn... and am still struggling with the remaining 6 powerpoints.  The Deep-internet secrets was also a very informative seminar... o but i need to review again the seminar once i am through with my VA assignments.  That done, and with OMC2, I hope to finally get this internet-earning-scheme get going for myself.  Jomar loads lot of friendly reminders/quotations, and these tiny bits of reminders gets through me and helps me focus on things i have to do and learn.  Thanks Jomar.  Sure hope i will be able to get there and help others as well along the way. 

p.s.  how come i can only check one below... ?  there must be something wrong with the program.  anyway, aside from OMC2, i also attended your 2-day hands on internet marketing workshop (May, 2010), VA seminar (March 17, 2012) DIS Seminar (May 1, 2012) and am a member or the related clubs including JH Master Group. :D God bless!"

Rosa Maria B. Cruz
R4R Commercial Printer

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