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Monday, June 7, 2010

Here's an unbiased workshop review from Kathleen Rasing

Hi Sr. Jomar!

First of all I just wanna say...the food was AWESOME!..yummy! That was the first time I attended a seminar/workshop that serves food and not just food but great delicious food!
So at that moment I was stunned and thought, oh man! I made the most delicious decision in my life! I'm not kiddin'!

Anyway here's my real message..I just wanna thank my mentor Mr. Jomar Hilario for sharing every single thing he knew about Internet Marketing, (Thank you sir!mwah!)
I never thought that Internet could really be that useful especially to a teenager like me! So this workshop totally helped me a lot in understanding more about other features of the internet not just surf around for hours for no reason! So instead of of doin' that I decided to take this awesome opportunity, and for 2 days I experienced a lesson I'll never forget, I learned how business really works, I encountered and met a lot of people from different walks of life who have the same interest like me, I learned how to socialize and most importantly I learned the do's and dont's and the how's and why's of Internet Marketing!..

I just got one tiny bit of a problem..the venue is very nice BUT the temperature is I would suggest you work on that one, so that the next batch will really be much comfortable and enjoy this wonderful workshop even more!

All in all, the workshop is awesome, the food was awesome, the people are awesome and the instructor is the BEST..
It's totally worth every penny!..I have a lot of fun and my eternal thanks to you Sr. Jomar for being so nice and very approachable to everybody.
I wish you all the success and continue to share your knowledge to others!

God Bless you and your the best teacher in the world!


Kathleen Rasing:)))

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