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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Here's another honest review about the recent Internet Marketing Workshop/Seminar I've conducted:

Hi Jomar,

Here my review, hope you personally read this.

Good points:

It covers a lot of topics on how to earn in IM (blog, newletters, sales).
Because it's a workshop you actually do the stuff taught.
Jomar makes used of the time wisely and make the process easier.
The food is great!


Include additional IM resources (books, websites, ecourse).
It's good that Jomar is very productive on using the time but I suggest to have regular kidney (restroom) break.
More success stories from previous attendees of this workshop (sharing of experiences).

Overall rating: 85%

You'll have my first testimonial on my first $100 adsense earnings and on every $100 there after.

To our success!
Elmer Zabala

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