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Friday, May 8, 2009

Manila Real Estate People: Double Your Website Inquiries & Increase Your Sales: May 27,2009 Seminar on Internet Marketing.

Real Estate Professionals and interested persons: MAXIMIZE THE USE OF YOUR WEBSITE !! Double Your Website Inquiries & Increase Your Sales !

Learn How To Double Your Website Visitors & Increase Your Company Sales From Two Successful Internet Gurus.

Give Yourself More Free Time For Your Family By Letting Their Internet Tools & Techniques Work Automatically For You !

Be More Internet Savvy, Increase Your Productivity, & Improve Your Financial Life Forever !!

Our seminar on "Proven Secrets on How to Double Your Web Inquiries & Improve Your Sales" is now available to give you all these benefits. Your participation in this powerful seminar also entitles you for a Free One-Year Registration to a very useful tool to manage and follow-up your customers, the "Customer Relation Management" (CRM) System worth P12,500.00 !

These and the benefits in joining this amazing seminar as outlined below will give your company the competitive edge you have been looking for, especially in this turbulent economy we are experiencing now.

At the end of this One-Day Seminar, you will be able to know :

* What homebuyers look for in a web site and why so many real estate sites fail
* How to optimize your site for search engines and drive traffic
* How to convert leads into clients
* How to set up your website to earn maximum income
* How to set up for minimal maintenance of your website
* How to name your website for maximum visibility
* How to set up an autoresponder account
* How to connect your website to the autoresponder
* How to start collecting names of potential clients
* How to sell to your clients automatically, 24 x 7, while paying only minimum costs that people with physical stores would envy you
* How to promote your website.
* How to promote in YM, Facebook, Friendster, Multiply ,Yahoogroups, Googlegroups.
* How to promote so you don't wind up sitting on your computer for 8 hours straight!
* The value of synergy and the Marketing Attitude.
* How to manage your workflow


Paolo J. Abadesco,
an I.T. master programmer graduate of the University of Asia & the Pacific (UAP) and founder of , the first world-class FREE on-line Philippine Housing & Real Property Super Trade Show. Paolo will teach you the same proven SECRETS & TECHNIQUES that he used in his website, which earned millions for his brokers and given houses to hundreds of Filipino home-searchers; Paolo will show you how you can duplicate this in your very own website for more exposure and more income.

Jomar Hilario, an established Internet Marketer who sold P 2M worth of sales for one single event in less than 30 days using his internet tools. For the past two years, he has been assisting Bro. Bo Sanchez of Kerygma-fame and Larry Gamboa of "Think Rich, Pinoy" in maximizing their business websites, making their businesses grow dramatically. Jomar will share with you the same proven systems that have earned millions for others – and how you can duplicate this in your internet business many, many times.

WHERE : Ateneo Professional School, 20 Rockwell Drive Center, Makati City

WHEN : May 27, 2009 (Wednesday), 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.

HOW MUCH : For CREBA members @ P 3,500.00 per head; non-CREBA Members @ P 4,500.00 per head

"Early Bird" Discount of P 250.00 or P 3,250.00 for CREBA Members and P 4,250.00 for Non- CREBA Members on or before May 15, 2009.

"Special Couples" or "Business Partners" Discount of P 550.00 or P 2,950.00 for CREBA Members or P 3,950.00 for non-CREBA Members

Contact: or 0922-891-8848 to secure your seat
Reserve NOW and get the following Bonuses:

1. FREE Real Estate Audiobook from this extensive collection (Value P 1K - P 2K)
2. You take home all slides presentation materials - softcopy-available for download (Value P2,750)
3. Get access to one month FREE email consultation with the speaker (Value P 1,800 per hour!)
4. Get FREE access to a 90-day ecourse on how to use blogs to earn dollars online (Value P 1750)
5. A FREE one-year on-line registration to a "Customer Management System" (Valued at P 12,000.00)

Contact: or 0922-891-8848 to secure your seat.

Contact: or 0922-891-8848 to secure your seat TODAY.


amie said...

Its very impossible to avail the said seminar at Manila or Cebu since we are from Davao City.

May we request an " Internet Marketing Workshop " in Davao City.An affordable fees so many can attend.
Hope you will consider this matter. Thank you.


UltraDust said...

There will be an internet marketing seminar (not workshop)--for Real Estate Professionals and Freelancers in Cebu,CDO and Davao this JULY.

Please watch out for it.


UltraDust said...

Also. with today's cheap airfares, it's not "very impossible" to go to Cebu to attend this.

It's just a matter of "Do I really want the benefits of this event?".


epictoon said...

Is there any workshop this year??? I want to join...
rent apartment makati

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